Is Danielle Savre (Maya) Leaving Station 19?

A spinoff of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Station 19’ is a perfect mix of breathtaking action, suspenseful drama, and breathtaking romance. A gripping TV series set in Station 19 of the Seattle Fire Department, it follows every twist and turn of the firefighters’ exciting lives. Danielle Savre chronicles the wonderful and brilliant Maya Bishop, a former Lieutenant who is eventually promoted to the position of Captain.

She is also known for her beautiful and adorable on-screen romance with Dr. Carina DeLuca. After fans found out that Maya’s heartthrob would have to leave for Italy due to an expired visa, they have been anxious to know about Maya’s fate on the show. Let’s find out if we will see more of Danielle Savre on ‘Station 19’, shall we?

What Happened To Maya Bishop?

Maya Bishop is a bisexual firefighter and the Captain of Seattle’s Fire Station 19. Maya and Carina first come across each other in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital before meeting again at a bar. The duo soon falls in love and gets into a beautiful relationship. But the Covid-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes in the characters’ lives from the beginning of season 4. Social distancing takes a notable toll on Maya as she has had to stay away from Carina, who is treating Covid-19 patients.

Still, the couple is unable to remain separated and, in episode 2, decide to move in together. Ever since moving in with Carina, Maya has faced difficulties adjusting with her in the same house. Their relationship hits another snag when Carina’s brother, Andrew, gets stabbed to death in a horrific incident. After Andrew’s death, Maya takes it upon herself to arrange the funeral and help Carina recover. On the other hand, Carina finds consolation and solace in Gabriella, her old flame, which gets Maya jealous and worked up.

Gabriella and Maya share a turbulent relationship until Carina calms things down by making Maya understand that no one will be able to take Maya’s place in her heart. The horizon finally looks calm for the couple when Carina drops a surprise bomb and informs Maya that she might have to go back to Italy as her visa is about to expire. Maya wants to go to Italy with Carina but the latest episode sees Maya come to terms with the fact that she won’t be able to leave her family and work behind in Seattle.

Is Danielle Savre Leaving Station 19?

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief as it is highly unlikely that ‘Station 19’ will let go of Danielle Savre this easily. There has been no word from the show or the actress that would suggest a change in the cast. Furthermore, the way the writers have built up Maya and Carina’s story arc, it seems as if the couple has a lot more to offer to the story’s development.

Maya is a fan-favorite character, and fans have religiously followed her romance with Carina. Hence, it seems implausible that the showrunners will want to lose out on such a familiar aspect of the show. Carina’s visa expiry might lead to drastic changes in Maya’s life but we will have to wait for further development in order to figure that out. Presently, it looks very probable that Danielle Savre will not be leaving ‘Station 19’ anytime soon.

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