Is Deranged Granny Based on a True Story?

‘Deranged Granny’ is the new Lifetime movie, which adds to the network’s laudable list of thrillers. A couple plans on starting a new chapter of their lives, but the man’s mother has other ideas. She is bent on becoming a grandmother and tries to ingratiate herself into the family. When the stakes are raised, things turn violent. Soon, the desire to be part of the family becomes a fight for survival for the mother and her kids. Considering the skewered family dynamics and a tale that is stranger than fiction, you might be wondering whether ‘Deranged Granny’ is based on a true story. We are here to put all doubts to rest after we tell you a little more about the premise.

What is Deranged Granny About?

The premise follows Barbara, who realizes that her last hopes of becoming a grandmother might come true when her son, Ethan, falls for Kendall – a divorcee with children. She is kept at arms’ length at first, but Barbara has some tricks up her sleeve. Deviously, she wins the affections of the children, which gives her an in with Kendall and Ethan. What starts with unannounced visits soon escalates to murder, as Barabara is determined to have her way with the new family. She will go to any extent to protect her relationship with her grandchildren. Now, Kendall has to outsmart the mother-in-law, not just to expose her villainous ways, but to save the lives of her children.

Is Deranged Granny Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Deranged Granny’ is not based on a true story, but that doesn’t mean the tale is not inspired by real events. After all, grandmothers are not always the sweet and harmless relatives that we make them out to be. There have been reports of grandmothers who have been extremely violent – not just to their grandchildren, but their children as well. Even if we leave out the part about the violence, the pull of a grandmother towards her grandchildren is undeniable. There have been several cases where the in-laws have butted heads with the mothers in trying to gain custody of the kids. The commonplace incident has been dramatized and included in several films and shows too. ‘Big Little Lies‘ comes to mind.

The idea of a grandmother visiting violence is not new to Lifetime either. The network has another addition, titled ‘Psycho Granny,’ which is also a fictional tale. Both these stories seek to drive home the message that we shouldn’t blindly trust our relatives and their intentions, especially if they seem over-eager to be a part of our lives. Of course, when it is someone as close to a grandmother, we expect there to be nothing but affection, but ‘Deranged Granny’ gives us a reality check that people might harbor nefarious intentions.

Thus, while the story is entirely fictional, it is not removed from the realm of possibility. In fact, it occupies the perfect space where most Lifetime movies thrive – the premise is twisted, but the real darkness comes from the fact that this could happen to any family.

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