Did Troy Winbush’s Detective Pryma Leave Chicago Fire?

Detective Pryma and Kelly Severide team up in NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ to clean up the city of Chicago by solving several significant cases. Their partnership leads them to Martucci, an illegal firearms dealer. In the ninth episode of the season, Pryma sets out to capture the dealer with the info he garners from an ex-cop, only for his life to get threatened by a bomb explosion. In the tenth episode of the season, Pryma makes a significant decision concerning his future, making the viewers fear whether we have seen the last of the character. Here are our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Detective Pryma?

In the ninth episode of the eleventh season, Pryma arrives at Martucci’s house with an enormous squad to arrest the latter. When Martucci decides to not surrender, Pryma gets into the former’s house with a few officers and a shootout ensues. Although the officers succeed in capturing Martucci, a bomb pierces Pryma’s leg and he loses an immense amount of blood. Kidd and Sam Carver treat Pryma while a bomb squad officer tries to remove the bomb one part after the other. While Carver administers an IV to save Pryma from death, the officer removes all the parts of the bomb except the final one.

Although the bomb squad officer removes the final part of the bomb, it gets turned on, leaving Kidd and Carver little to no time to seek safety for themselves and Pryma. Although the bomb explodes soon, Pryma survives the explosion along with Carver and Kidd. After getting the required medical attention, Pryma returns home with a plastered leg in the tenth episode of the season. It doesn’t take long for the police department to recognize Pryma’s valor as the force decides to honor Pryma with an award for putting his life on the line to capture Martucci.

However, Pryma also decides to take an early pension along with the award since he seemingly doesn’t want to return to the field to risk his life as the father of three daughters. The explosion must have taught Pryma that he cannot take his life for granted, especially when he is fighting several high-profile vicious criminals. He may want to conclude his career as a cop when he is at his peak, earning the respect of his department and colleagues. Since Pryma has decided to put an end to his life as a cop, the viewers must be wondering whether Troy Winbush had left the action drama. Let’s find out.

Troy Winbush’s Exit From Chicago Fire

Although neither NBC nor Troy Winbush has formally announced the departure of the actor from ‘Chicago Fire,’ Pryma’s decision to choose early pension concludes the character’s arc, indicating that we may have seen the last of Winbush in the show. Since the character is unlikely to feature in any flashback scenes, dream sequences, or visions involving Severide, there is little to no scope for Pryma in the rest of the eleventh season of the series, especially after his early retirement. With Pryma’s early retirement, Severide’s storyline that follows his alliance with the CPD also seemingly comes to an end.

Concluding Pryma’s storyline might have become a necessity for the writers of the show to focus on Severide and Kidd’s relationship in the rest of the episodes of season 11. The early retirement of Winbush’s character also paves the way for Severide’s higher involvement in Firehouse 51. Considering these factors, it isn’t a surprise that Winbush most likely departed from ‘Chicago Fire.’

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