Is DMX: Don’t Try to Understand on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video or HBO Max?

‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ or ‘Don’t Try to Understand: A Year in the Life of Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons’ is a beautiful music documentary that celebrates the legendary rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX. Directed by Clark Slater, the documentary explores a year of the rapper’s life leading up to his sudden and shocking death. Praised for offering a heartfelt and authentic glimpse into Simmons’ life, the film does make for a fascinating watch. So, here’s everything you need to know about the documentary!

What Is DMX: Don’t Try to Understand About?

Although Earl Simmons had a difficult life, he strived to make the world a better place for the people he encountered. Simmons made his mark on the music and TV industry over the course of his career and earned numerous laurels. However, he faced lengthy battles with drug addiction as well as bipolar disorder. He was also jailed multiple times for several legal offenses. However, ‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ chooses to focus on his talent and the good he did for people in his life.

The film picks up after Simmons’ release from jail in 2019 and follows the “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” hitmaker as he plans on expanding his career through another world tour. Viewers get to witness Simmons fighting against his demons and rekindling lost relationships with his loved ones. Additionally, the documentary highlights how the talented rapper and actor inspired his community. As an added tribute, it also features his comeback tour that took the music industry by storm.

Is DMX: Don’t Try to Understand on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ hasn’t found its way onto Netflix’s impressive catalog. However, if you are looking to catch up on a music documentary, we recommend movies like ‘Keith Richards: Under the Influence,’ ‘Quincy,’ and ‘Miss Americana: Taylor Swift.’

Is DMX: Don’t Try to Understand on Hulu?

No, ‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ is not accessible through Hulu. However, a subscription to the streaming service will allow you access to movies like ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday‘ and ‘Judy.’

Is DMX: Don’t Try to Understand on Amazon Prime Video?

‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ is not on Amazon Prime Video, and hence, a subscription to the service will not be of help in this regard. However, the streaming platform is home to other brilliant music documentaries like ‘Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams‘ and ‘P!nk: All I Know So Far.’

Is DMX: Don’t Try to Understand on HBO Max?

Since ‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ is an HBO production, it is available on HBO Max. To watch the documentary, click here.

Where to Watch DMX: Don’t Try to Understand Online?

With ‘DMX: Don’t Try to Understand’ being an HBO exclusive, it will not be available on any other online streaming platforms apart from HBO Max. Thus, to watch the movie online, one must own a subscription to the streaming service.

How to Watch DMX: Don’t Try to Understand For Free?

Unfortunately, HBO Max does not offer its new users a free trial. Thus, to watch the documentary film, you will have to purchase a subscription to the streamer. You could buy a basic monthly plan for $9.99 or for $14.99 if you want your movies and shows free of ads.

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