Is Erica Banks Dating? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Image Credit: Erica Banks/Instagram

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta‘ is an interesting reality show that follows several hip-hop artists and rappers in Atlanta, Georgia, as they navigate everyday lives. Apart from focusing on the artists’ professional commitments, it documents them dealing with regular issues arising from love, friendship, and betrayal. Similarly, Erica Banks, one of the cast members featured on the show, became a fan favorite because of her jovial and friendly nature. However, with fans now eager to learn more about the rap artist, let’s discover if she is dating anyone, shall we?

Erica Banks’ Age and Background

Born and brought up in DeSoto, Texas, Erica Banks is an established rapper who has several mixtapes and a studio album under her belt. Interestingly, the 24-year-old discovered her passion for music and hip-hop when she started writing poetry and participating in different competitions at the age of 12. Moreover, she even began performing herself once in high school, but her career aspirations forced music to take a step back.

Readers will be surprised to know that rap wasn’t Erica’s original aim, as she entered the Texas A&M University–Commerce to pursue a course in Nursing. However, midway through the course, she began recording her own songs, which made Erica discover her passion for rap. Thus, encouraged by her family and loved ones, she dropped out of University in her Sophomore year before releasing her first single in 2018.

Erica Banks’ Profession

Although Erica’s first single, ‘Talk My Shit,’ was released on Soundcloud in 2018, she did not wait long before releasing her self-published mixtape, ‘Art of the Hustle’ in March 2019. Naturally, it did not take long for producers to recognize her talent, and soon, Erica signed with the music label 1501 Certified Entertainment. Subsequently, 1501 Certified Entertainment helped the rapper publish her fourth official mixtape in June 2020.

Erica’s single ‘Buss It,’ featuring Travis Scott, peaked at rank 47 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. On top of it, the song even went viral on the video creation platform ‘TikTok,’ which gave Erica some much-needed exposure and paved the way for a deal with Warner Records. At present, Erica is a pretty well-established rapper with one EP, one studio album, and several mixtapes to her name.

Erica Banks’ Former Relationships

Although Erica’s kept her relationship status under wraps for a long time, she finally made things official in September 2022 when she took to Instagram to introduce her boyfriend, Finesse2Tymes. Finesse2Tymes, or Ricky Hampton, is a Tennessee-based rapper who was previously arrested and sent to prison on a federal weapons charge after he was arrested with a gun in 2018. However, once released in July 2022, Ricky immersed himself in the music scene and began working hard to further his career.

Although Erica did not reveal much about her relationship with Ricky, she posted several pictures with the rapper, and it was evident that the two were pretty comfortable with each other. However, the relationship eventually fell through, and the couple decided to go their separate ways towards the end of 2022. Later, Ricky talked about his relationship with Erica and claimed he broke up because she did not take care of him.

Ricky further alleged that Erica would wake up and spend hours on her phone without talking to him, which was an immediate red flag. However, once Erica heard the accusations, she dismissed them and insisted she was working. The rapper also mentioned that while Ricky is a wonderful person, she had to get out of the relationship as her ex wanted someone who would wait on him 24×7.

Is Erica Banks Dating Anyone?

Although Erica Banks has been very forthcoming on social media and often shares details about her everyday life, there has been no mention of a romantic someone after her break-up with Ricky. Instead, from the looks of it, the rapper has been putting all her effort into furthering her career as a hip-hop artist while also launching her own food-tasting events. Thus, with no reports about a special person in Erica’s life, we believe she is currently single and leading a successful independent life.

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