Is Erica Dead or Alive in Boo, Bitch? [Spoiler]

‘Boo Bitch’ follows the story of two friends who have never done anything remotely fun during their time in high school. While everyone went around having parties and whatnot, Erika and Gia always stayed on the safe side, focusing solely on their academics. The fact that Erika had been threatened by a popular girl on the first day of school also has something to do with the girls’ reluctance to join in on the activities their classmates often partake in.

Gia wants them to have some fun before high school ends, but Erika is still skeptical about it. Her views change radically when she discovers that everyone knows her by the wrong name. Finally, they decide to attend the party, which is what completely changes the course of their lives. And it all begins with a death. If you’re wondering whether Erika is the one who died the night of the accident, then here’s what you should know.

Is Erika Dead or Alive?

Despite what she initially believes, Erika is alive. The first time she and Gia go out to party, they end up having an accident. They’d been returning home when suddenly a car come out of nowhere. A moose happens to be crossing the street at the same time. The car hits the moose who goes flying into the woods, taking Gia along with it. She is crushed under its weight and dies that night.

When she wakes up next to her dead body, she realizes what had happened. She knows her death would crush Erika and stop her from ever going out again. Erika would always relate having fun with the night that her best friend died and she would never do the things that she’d finally made up her mind for. Gia makes it her last mission to get Erika to learn to enjoy her life and put her on the map so that no one forgets her like they would forget Gia.

In the heat of the moment, the only logical thing that comes to her mind is to make Erika think that she is already dead. This would not only remove the element of fear of taking risks and trying new things, but it would also make Erika think about the little time she has. The fear of running out of time would make her go above and beyond, and make everyone in high school remember her. To convince Erika that it is her dead body, Gia changes her shoes. The body’s face is hidden under the moose, so the only way Erika would be able to identify it as herself would be by looking at its shoes.

It turns out that Gia’s quick thinking has the intended effect on Erika. She becomes highly conscious of her time on Earth and decides to go all-in, whether it is on apologies or on telling Jake C that she likes him. To further convince Erika, Gia uses the effect of flickering lights to convince her that she has powers now that she is a ghost. Because Erika is the only one who can see Gia, she would be considered crazy if she was seen talking to thin air. For this, Gia convinces Erika to always keep her AirPods on. Erika believes that the pods help her control the flickering lights. In reality, when she is talking to Gia, it makes everyone else believe that she is talking to someone on the phone.

Erika buys into all of Gia’s fabrications, but eventually, the truth comes out when the girls have a fight. When they pull the body out from under the moose, Erika discovers that it was Gia who had been dead all along, not her.

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