Is Everardo Arturo “Kitty” Paez Dead? Who Are the Narcojuniors?

Image Credit: Juan Rosas/Netflix

In season 3 of ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ the plazas become independent cartels following Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo’s (Diego Luna) arrest. As a result, the show creators get the chance to introduce new characters loyal to different cartels. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio or Bad Bunny, the immensely popular Puerto Rican rapper, makes his acting debut as one such character: Everardo Arturo Paez of Kitty. The son of one of the most affluent families of Tijuana, Kitty is a close friend of Ramón Arellano Félix (Manuel Masalva), often seen accompanying the latter to both wild parties and shootouts. If you are wondering whether Kitty dies in the third season of ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ we got you covered.

Is Everardo Arturo “Kitty” Paez Dead?

Yes, Everardo Arturo “Kitty” Paez is dead. He is killed during a shootout between Ramón and his friends and the Mexican soldiers led by Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) and an officer named Fausto in the sixth episode of season 3. Kitty makes his first appearance in the show in episode 3, with Andrea Nuñez’s narration describing him as a Narcojunior, a wealthy youth acting like a gangster. Like other Narcojuniors, Kitty performs certain tasks for Ramón and the rest of the Arellanos. In his introduction sequence, he puts on branded clothing and accessories, gets on his girlfriend’s convertible, and visits an eatery, where he murders someone in broad daylight. But because of his family and association with the Arellanos, the authorities can’t touch him.

As part of Ramón’s close circle of friends, Kitty is a shadow to the dreaded gangster for most of the season. Ramón, Kitty, and another friend named Romeo kill Sinaloa-affiliate Armando “Rayo” Lopez in episode 2, effectively starting the drug war.

Following the death of Arch-Bishop Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo and several others during a shootout in and around a Tijuana airport, the Mexican and US governments set up a joint task force with reputed military commander General Rebollo in charge. Rebollo establishes his command center outside Tijuana. Walt joins the task force as a representative of the DEA. Meanwhile, realizing the gravity of the situation, Benjamín tries to reach out to the elites of Tijuana, but not even one of them comes to the family’s help. He then tries to convince Father Baiz, a family friend, to speak up on their behalf. However, the military uses the preacher to lure Benjamín out and nearly captures him. But Kitty and Ramón arrive in time to get him out of there.

The authorities finally catch a break when Alex Hodoyan, also a member of the Narcojuniors, is apprehended on the US side of the border. Although they have to let him go, Walt follows him, and the latter predictably leads him to his older brother, who is a close friend of Kitty and Ramón. Tailing the brother, Walt learns where Ramón and Francisco are hiding. The military arrives, and in the ensuing gunfight, Kitty is killed by Fausto. Although Ramón manages to escape, Walt arrests Francisco. The Tijuana Cartel exacts revenge by killing Fausto and several other soldiers.

Who Are the Narcojuniors?

The Narcojuniors such as Kitty and Alex are children of elites of Tijuana. While Benjamín tries to build relationships with their parents, they meet the Arellanos in the nightclubs and become their hitmen and drug mules. They are bored private school kids, trying to bring excitement to their lives by pretending to be gangsters. Inevitably, things don’t end well for most of them. While Kitty gets killed by the military, Alex’s brother is executed by David Barron, a Tijuana Cartel enforcer. As for Alex himself, he is also killed for revealing information to the authorities. Walt finds his body hanging from a bridge.

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