Is Floriana Lima’s Darcy Cooper Leaving A Million Little Things?

ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things’ is a family drama that revolves around a group of Boston-based friends who try to come to terms with the suicide of one of their own. Created by DJ Nash, the series explores the highs and lows of friendship, emotional trauma, societal pressures, and self-discovery. Known for its sentimental plotlines and close-knit characters, ‘A Million Little Things’ has kept us hooked to its character-driven story since its premiere in September 2018.

Fans of the show deeply cherish their attachment to its numerous diverse characters. Floriana Lima’s Darcy Cooper is certainly one of them. In fact, she’s quite the fan-favorite. However, the events of season 4 episode 4 have got fans concerned about Lima’s status on the show. Will she be leaving? Will she be staying? Let’s find out!

What Happened to Darcy Cooper?

We first see Floriana Lima’s Darcy Cooper in season 2 of ‘A Million Little Things.’ She is introduced as Katherine’s friend, a single mother to Theo’s classmate, Liam, and an army veteran living with PTSD from her time in Iraq. She becomes a love interest for Gary, despite his feelings for Maggie. Fans quickly warmed up to Darcy’s loving and supportive nature and began to appreciate her healthy relationship with Gary.

Season 4 sees Gary and Darcy’s relationship deepening. The couple even decides to buy a house and move in together. For a while, Gary, Darcy, and Liam seem like a happy family. However, the events surrounding Peter Benoit’s assault put their relationship through the wringer. Darcy begins to notice Gary’s fidgety and distressed behavior. In episode 4 of the fourth season, titled ‘Pinocchio,’ Darcy finally becomes aware that Gary lied about his whereabouts on the night of the violent attack that left sexual harasser Benoit in a coma.

Darcy questions Gary’s alibi — he claims that he had been with his father watching ‘Jeopardy!’ on that fateful night. But when he fails to reveal what the final clue in the show was, Darcy realizes that Gary was involved in the attack on Benoit. With Benoit having come out of his coma, Darcy realizes that Gary is likely to get arrested if the music instructor identifies him. Unwilling to put her son through the trauma of watching a legal mess unravel, she decides to leave Gary. Darcy and Liam move to Lenox, but Gary stays behind.

Is Floriana Lima Leaving A Million Little Things?

It is understandable why fans are worried about Lima’s departure considering the circumstances that arise at the end of season 4 episode 4. Henceforth, the show is expected to focus on Gary and the subsequent legal trouble he is likely to get into if Benoit decides to implicate him. So, will we get a chance to see Darcy and Liam? Will them moving away to Lenox mean that we’ve to say our goodbyes?

It seems unlikely that Floriana Lima is leaving for good. Series creator Nash himself responded to a fan’s distressed inquiry about the fate of Lima’s Darcy (pictured above). Based on his reply, it seems that Lima will be returning for future episodes of ‘A Million Little Things,’ although we’re unsure in what capacity. It’s possible that Maggie will remerge as a romantic interest for Gary in the wake of Darcy’s departure.

Still, we expect to see Darcy around, but perhaps not as frequently as before. Meanwhile, Lima herself seems to be doing well personally and professionally. In October 2021, she starred in Ben Barnes’ music video for his song “Rise Up.” Until statements by the cast or an official announcement prove otherwise, it’s safe to assume that fans will get to see more of Floriana Lima’s Darcy Cooper.

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