Fox’s Animal Control: Is the Show Based on Real People?

Fox’s ‘Animal Control’ is a sitcom about a group of ‘Animal Control’ workers who help the town folks to resolve animal troubles. Each worker has a quirk that makes them stand out but ties them together with the eccentric group. Frank (Joel McHale) is a cynical former cop who possesses the superhuman ability to understand animals but not humans.

The show was created by Rob Greenberg and Bob Fisher, who portray the hilarious encounters of Frank and how he traverses through the uncanny problems caused by animals. If you were in awe of the series and wondered if any of it was true, let’s probe for all the true components layered in the plot.

Animal Control is a Fictional Show

No, ‘Animal Control’ is not based on a true story. It’s simply a fictional show about animal control workers involved in the most bizarre yet hilarious situations with animals. However, the reality show titled ‘Animal Cops’ with several franchises could’ve been a possible inspiration for the creators. Even though it is not stated, it is quite possible that they noticed the demand for the entertaining and niche genre and gave their own spin to it by turning it into a workplace comedy.

The creatures in ‘Animal Control’ are simple-minded, unlike humans. They wreak havoc and cause more trouble than humans. However, there have been several real-life instances when animals have acted funny, committing petty crimes, outwitting humans, and jeopardizing everything. In the early 2000s and 2010, these videos would float around on the internet and TV, and people would take great pleasure in watching and sharing them. The show taps into an identical sentiment, but we experience these shenanigans through the lens of the animal control officers.

In the trailer, Frank is conversing with a cow, who seems to be in an unlikely place. Cows are considered innocent domestic animals who do not go astray. However, much like the cow in the show, one reportedly escaped from a ranch in Brazil to a nearby resort. The 700-pound animal then proceeded to go down a slide, which was only approved for 450 pounds. After the incident, the owner did not send the cow to a slaughterhouse and kept him as a pet, and they named him Tobogã (Portuguese for “Slide”).

Frank also has the superhuman ability to talk to animals. This power is undoubtedly rare but not unheard of. Multiple animal whisperers are extremely in tune with animal behavior, to the point that they can communicate with them in any setting, using their intuition and training.

One of the most daring among them is Kevin Rene Richardson, also known as the ‘Lion Whisperer,’ who works with hyenas, cheetahs, black leopards, and of course, African lions. He cuddles, sleeps, and lives with these big cats without any fear, even after being bitten, scratched, and punctured. Apart from him, there are also whisperers of dogs, birds, sharks, wolves, bears, and horses. They come from different backgrounds but share one thing in common, i.e., love and empathy for animals which helps them to connect better than most individuals.

Other popular terms for them are pet psychics, animal communicators, and animal intuitive. They have numerous reasons that explain their skill; some call it a gift, others say it’s a matter of electromagnetic field, while some claim to possess supernatural powers. Science disagrees with these beliefs and is still conducting studies to learn how a handful of individuals are able to communicate better with animals than other humans.

Taking everything into account, we infer that ‘Animal Control’ undoubtedly has some fascinating real-world elements which they use for interesting plot junctures. The creators have successfully made a hilarious and unique show about bone-chuckling animal interactions, exaggerating on pre-existing events and knowledge.

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