Is Gavin Isiah in La Brea? Why Did Gavin Have Visions?

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

NBC’s ‘La Brea’ follows the story of the Harris family that is separated when a sinkhole opens up in LA. Eve and her son, Josh, are thrown into 10,000 BC while her husband, Gavin, and their daughter, Izzy remain in present-day LA. Stuck in the past, Eve, Josh, and other survivors try to find ways to go back to their original timeline. Meanwhile, Gavin has visions of the events happening in 10,000 BC. It is reassuring for him to see that his wife and son are alive. It encourages him to find ways to get them back, no matter what it takes. However, he still needs to figure out how he is the only one who can see the past. This is explained by a plot twist at the end of the first season. Here is what it means for Gavin.

Is Gavin Isiah?

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

Time travel often makes a story and the timelines of its characters rather convoluted. The same happens for Gavin in ‘La Brea’ when it is revealed that he is actually Isiah, the boy that Eve and the others meet in 10,000 BC. Isiah and his grandfather, Silas, had been living with Parra’s people. No one knows where they actually came from, but it had been a few years that they’d been living in the village before the sinkhole in LA opened.

When Rebecca Aldridge jumps through the LA sinkhole and into 10,000 BC, she tries to take Isiah but Silas stops her. Later, she tells Eve that it is important that the boy is sent through a portal to 1988. After some resistance from Silas, Eve and the others succeed in transporting Isiah to 1988. There, he is found walking down a deserted road by a couple of nuns who take him (and Lilly, who’d crossed over around the same time) with them. Later, he is adopted by a family and is rechristened, Gavin.

As the years roll on, Gavin starts to lose the memories of his childhood and forgets all about Silas, their village, and all that transpired in 10,000 BC. Eventually, he joins the army, becomes a pilot, befriends Levi, and marries Eve, not knowing that he has met both of them before. He and Eve have two children, Josh and Izzy, and things remain good for them until Gavin’s plane crashes and he starts having visions.

Unveiling Gavin’s Visions: A Journey Through Time

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

While people around Gavin believe that he is hallucinating and that his visions are connected to some injury he sustained during the crash, Gavin confesses that he had his first vision prior to the crash. Having forgotten all about 10,000 BC, Gavin is unaware of the sinkholes that lead back to that time. Once, he unknowingly flew over the sinkhole in the Mojave desert, which triggered his memories, leading to his visions.

At first, the visions didn’t make any sense to Gavin. He would have glimpses of a place with forests and rivers. For years, he couldn’t make sense of this, but he knew that they weren’t just hallucinations. It isn’t until the sinkhole in LA opens up and he sees Eve and Josh in his visions that he realizes what’s been happening all this time. He deciphers that he is somehow connected to 10,000 BC.

Later, Rebecca Aldridge tells him to go back to the beginning, to 1988, to find the answers to all his questions. This leads him to try and find out about the events surrounding his adoption. He discovers that he wasn’t found alone by the nuns. Another girl, who grew up to be Ella, was found with him. He tracks her down and discovers that she too has been having visions, though they were triggered by to the LA sinkhole. As more visions flood in, Gavin eventually realizes that these are actually memories from his childhood. He has seen all of it before, when he was in 10,000 BC, when he was still Isiah. Once Gavin, along with Izzy and Ella, jumps through a sinkhole in Seattle and lands back in 10,000 BC, his visions stop. This is around the same time that young Isiah crosses over to 1988 and starts losing his memories. Since Isiah is not in 10,000 BC anymore, there are no memories from that time, which means no more visions for Gavin.

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