Is God’s Country on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Directed by Julian Higgins, ‘God’s Country’ is a thriller film about Sandra, a college professor who lives in a rural town in Montana. Her life of solitude is interrupted when two hunters trespass her property, pitting her against them as they try to exert their power on her. With minimal help from local law enforcement, she stands her ground against her adversaries.

Starring Thandiwe Newton as the protagonist, the movie presents a riveting series of events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Moreover, it has received immense praise from viewers and critics alike for its cinematography, story, and talented performers. If you want to know more, here are all the details!

What is God’s Country About?

‘God’s Country’ tells the story of Sandra Guidry, a college professor from New Orleans, Louisiana, who teaches in a college in Montana. She lives in a house located at the edge of a national forest. When a red truck arrives in Sandra’s driveway, she learns about the hunters that plague the area and how the locals deal with them. When her attempt to work alongside the police fails, she refuses to give up and decides to tackle her problems head-on. Now, for those interested in knowing how they can watch the movie, this is how you can do so!

Is God’s Country on Netflix?

No, ‘God’s Country’ is not on Netflix. However, the streaming giant does offer some excellent alternatives, such as ‘I Care a Lot‘ and ‘Brazen.’ Both thriller films depict female characters as they try to achieve their goals in the best way possible.

Is God’s Country on Hulu?

Unfortunately, Hulu does not have ‘God’s Country’ as a part of its regular offerings. Instead, subscribers to the platform can check out ‘Fresh‘ and ‘Run.’ With their nail-biting storylines and strong female characters, the films are sure to interest those who liked the premise of the Julian Higgins directorial.

Is God’s Country on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime does not have ‘God’s Country’ in its content library, but do not let that disappoint you. For those looking forward to watching something similar, we recommend ‘The Silence of the Lambs‘ and ‘I’m Your Woman.’ Both present thrilling tales of women whose motivations may differ, yet their will and strength are second to none.

Is God’s Country on HBO Max?

While you won’t find ‘God’s Country’  on HBO Max, its vast content catalog makes up for it. If you like the premise of the Thandiwe Newton-starrer, you may enjoy ‘Promising Young Woman‘ and ‘Last Night in Soho.’ The stories told in these movies are sure to captivate the fans of the thriller genre.

Where to Watch God’s Country Online?

Currently, ‘God’s Country’ has only been released in select theaters. Nevertheless, you can opt for an immersive experience by watching the movie on a nearby big screen, and you can do so by booking tickets on the movie’s official website or Fandango.

How to Stream God’s Country for Free?

Since ‘God’s Country’ has had a limited theatrical release, there is currently no way to watch the movie free of cost. All you can do is hope for it to arrive on digital platforms with free trials for new subscribers. That said,  we urge our readers not to use illegal means to watch the movie and to pay for relevant channels to support the cinematic arts.

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