Is Gordo Dead? Did Erik Hernandez Leave Power Book II: Ghost?

Portrayed by Erik Hernandez, Gordo Castillo is an important supporting character in the third season of ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ The son of Evelyn and Frank Castillo, Gordo has a complicated relationship with Dru Tejada. The Tejada siblings and the Castillo siblings grew up alongside each other, being distant relatives though Dru and Gordo hadn’t seen each other in a while before their first encounter in season 3. After his previous relationship ended painfully, Dru gets on a dating app and finds Gordo. And even though Gordo’s back is turned to the camera, he has a pretty recognizable tattoo.

When Gordo arrives with his siblings to make a deal with the Tejadas, he and Dru recognize that they have been flirting with each other. Even though Gordo has initial misgivings, He and Dru later start dating. After learning that Lorenzo Tejada killed Frank, Gordo kills Lorenzo, effectively setting up his doom. If the recent events in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ have made you wonder whether Gordo is dead in the series, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Gordo Dies in Season 3

Yes, Gordo is dead in the third season of ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ Perhaps the biggest mistake he committed in his life was to get involved in the messy circumstances of the Tejada family. As season 3 episode 7 begins, Gordo visits Monet, who tells Gordo to end things between him and Dru, but he refuses.

Since his father’s death, Dru has become incredibly volatile and violent, desperately wanting to find those responsible for the incident and punish them. In this episode, Dru becomes agitated after seeing Monet getting close to Kai, another drug lord with whom the Tejadas have a complicated relationship.

Monet tells Kai that she wants to be his partner and not just in the professional field, fully knowing that Kai is romantically interested in her. Kai seems eager about it, but when Monet asks for his help in the war with the Russians, which started because of Dru’s actions, Kai declines, claiming that it isn’t the right time.

Monet meets Kai at one of the clubs that the man owns and eventually convinces him about the partnership. Suddenly, they hear gunshots outside. As Kai is distracted, Monet tries to attack him but is soon overpowered. Fortunately, Cane walks into the room right that moment and shoots Kai in the head.

When Cane is distracted, Monet places implicating evidence on Kai, connecting him to Lorenzo’s murder. Dru finds the phone and reads the message in which Kai was telling someone that the Tejadas had figured out that the Russians were not responsible for Lorenzo’s death. Just as Monet wishes, Dru concludes that Kai was involved in what happened to his father.

Later, Dru checks Gordo’s phone out of curiosity and discovers that Gordo was supposedly on the other end of the interaction with Kai. Stunned and furious, he grabs his gun and kills Gordo. This is again the result of clever planning by Monet. Kai wasn’t really involved in Lorenzo’s death. By implicating him, Monet effectively removed the suspicions from herself. While Gordo was indeed involved, he needed to die because he was increasingly becoming a liability. By having Dru kill him, she eliminates a dangerous threat and effectively ends a relationship of her son that she disapproves of.

Erik Hernandez Has Likely Left Power Book II: Ghost

Given his character is dead, it is safe to assume that Hernandez has left ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ The series marks Hernandez’s screen debut. The Puerto Rican actor is also apparently the owner/operator of the clothing brand the Soil Brothers. He is quite active on social media, especially Instagram, where he has shared multiple photos from the set of the Starz series. Commenting on his character’s relationship with Dru, Hernandez observes in one of the posts, “This s[expletive]t is so messy.”

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