Is Guest House a True Story?

Directed by Sam Macaroni, ‘Guest House’ is a comedy film that follows Blake Renner (Mike Castle) and Sarah Masters (Aimee Teegarden), a newly engaged couple who buy their dream house to live a happy life together. But the happiness quickly fades when Randy Cockfield (Pauly Shore), a party-loving friend of the previous owner, continues to live in their guest house and refuses to go. Randy also organizes an extravagant pool party, which results in Renner getting jailed.

The couple, who find themselves at odds with Cockfield, try their best to evict him. ‘Guest House’ has been written by Macaroni, Sean Bishop, and Troy Duffy (‘The Boondock Saints’). It also stars Billy Zane, Steve-O, Charlotte McKinney, and Mikaela Hoover in pivotal roles. If the scenes in this raunchy comedy make you wonder if it was based on a true story, here is everything we know.

Is Guest House Based on a True Story?

Yes, ‘Guest House’ is based on a true story, but portions of the movie have been fictionalized. The comedy film is inspired by Macaroni’s real-life experience of house hunting in 2015. Following the horrifying incident, the director started working on the idea and wrote the script with Bishop and Duffy. He talked about the writing process of ‘Guest House’ at Ashley Meyer’s podcast called ‘Selling Your Screenplay.’

Macaroni talked about how, when he was looking for a house to rent, he came across a beautiful place that had a guest house in the back where a guy was living that had “nasty, yellow fingernails.” He said that the room was in bad condition with the smell of cigarettes all over the place. “I remember sitting there with this guy and asking him who he was, and him telling me that he was the owner’s friend. And I remember asking him clearly, “Will you leave if I get this place?” Which he countered with, “Could I stay if you got this place?” And it was an interesting quick conversation.”

This strange encounter prompted Macaroni to write the treatment and, subsequently, the first draft of the film, which is 74 pages long. He then called Bishop and Duffy and wrote later drafts with them. “That quickly became us meeting every night for, I don’t know, probably six months, came in, Sean out of the heart and Troy shocked it up and it ended up being what it is today.”

Macaroni had previously directed several short films and the Virtual Reality (VR) action sequences of ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.’ Pauly Shore, who appears as the party-animal Randy Cockfield in the film, talked about his character to Forbes. He said, “We hold on to stuff, and rarely does that make us happy. It’s a weird thing, especially when it’s family, it’s your town, and it is personal. So, in a way, my life has kind of paralleled this Randy Cockfield guy that I play. When you do let go, you’re free.”

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