Is Hope Ranch Based on a True Story?

Despite being a little tediously homily with its faith-centric themes, ‘Hope Ranch‘ brings a heartfelt family drama that moves you, inspires you, and eventually leaves you with a lesson or two. The film portrays the tale of a young girl named Grace, who grieves the death of her father. While she’s at it, her mother succumbs under all the pressure that dawns on her. At first, a conflict ensues between the two as Grace refuses to give up on the horse that her father had gifted her, while her mother believes that selling the horse is the only way they can get out of their financial dilemma. But, in the end, it’s their strong sense of hope that shows them the way and helps them give up on whatever that is unnecessary.

Apart from being visually appealing, the film never goes over-the-top with the religious principles that it brings to its fore. And it’s this simplistic approach that might make you wonder if it’s based on a true story. To know the answer to that, read on further.

Is Hope Ranch Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Hope Ranch’ is not based on a true story. But like most other faith-based movies, it evokes a sense of realism through its characters, grounded family melodrama, and well-intentioned religious themes. Apart from that, since it’s suitable for all demographics, it also allows parents to raise several practical discussions surrounding death, grief, and of course, faith.

Just like the movie, even in real life, grief isn’t the same for everyone. Although the feelings surrounding the death of loved ones are universal, some find it hard to accept loss while others recover rather quickly from bereavement. With its two female leads, the film draws this stark contrast of one’s process of grief. It shows how Grace takes her own time to accept that she shouldn’t be holding onto her father’s belongings, and instead, remember him for all the great memories that he gave her. On the other hand, although still struggling, Grace’s mother, Rebecca, realizes that their imminent problems require quick action and is able to deal with her grief in a very mature way.

Apart from the film’s realistic depiction of its characters, its simplistic yet inspiring storyline also sets an example for those who are going through a tough time. Initially in the movie, when Grace and Rebecca struggle to stay afloat and almost find themselves on the brink of losing their ranch, they resort to short term solutions instead of using constructive ideas that would help them in the long run. But the realistic ending of the movie turns this notion around by showing how Grace and Rebecca eventually learn to use the limited resources to save themselves from impending doom. Moreover, the film also sets a great example for religious communities. Instead of being fantastical about it, the film realistically shows how religious communities can make miracles happen if they put in the work to change the lives of the ones in need instead of simply preaching about it.

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