Is HSN’s Callie Northagen Married? Who Was Her Husband?

Image Credit: Callie Northagen/Facebook

Redefining the consumer experience for shoppers, HSN, or the Home Shopping Network has enabled countless people to make informed product choices. The free-to-air television network features several programs and segments that highlight the minute details of an array of products. Viewers and consumers can find clothing, electronics, appliances, and even home improvement knick-knacks. Callie Northagen is one of the hosts who has managed to enthrall viewers with her endearing personality. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more about her, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Callie Northagen’s Age and Background

Born to Doreen Northagen, Callie’s childhood was full of whimsical fun, along with her two siblings, Lonny and Darrin. Later, her mother married Les Kruse, and the family of five established their roots in Grand Forks, North Dakota. While Callie’s parents mapped the Grand Forks area with their real estate acumen, the three children engaged in different activities. Over the years, she has also dealt with loss — in 1991, her elder brother Lonny passed away. Not just this, in 2012, Callie and her family had to sustain a devastating loss once again after their mother passed away.

While the television personality has had to bear the painful loss, she continues celebrating her mother’s and brother’s memories with her family. The North Dakota native attended the Red River High School before heading to Concordia College. Callie attained her Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism, Spanish, and English here. Ultimately, the television host decided to seek a career in media and entertainment. Based in Florida, the 60-year-old continues to look forward to new challenges.

Callie Northagen’s Profession

Callie discovered her penchant for entertaining when she participated in a pageant. The television host was only 18 when she was crowned Miss North Dakota. While her interest in pageantry almost won her the Miss United States title, she decided to branch out her inquisitiveness and not limit her horizons. Ultimately, Callie dabbled in numerous roles that helped her hone her talents on-air. Finally, in 1999, she auditioned for the role of Television Host at HSN. Callie won over everyone and secured a position on the network with her endearing demeanor and ability to connect with a broad audience.

Since then, the television host has become known for her storytelling abilities. She can quickly generate a connection with a wide range of audiences, which aids her in making sales. Having joined the free-to-air television network, Callie managed to accrue wide renown. She has helped the shopping channel grow manifold and clocked in millions through sales. While her expertise in fashion, cooking, and electronics has allowed her to showcase products skillfully, Callie has also managed to create a smooth rapport with co-hosts and guests. Over the years, she has worked with famous personalities like Chef Curtis Stone, Rod Steward, James Taylor, Randy Travis, and even Madonna.

Callie Northagen’s Husband and Kids

In addition to a flourishing career, Callie enjoys equal familial bliss with her family. The television host was married to Jamie Braboy. Sadly, Callie lost her husband in November 2020. While Jamie’s absence has left an unfathomable abyss in her heart, the television host continues to muster on with the love and affection of their three children. Callie and her late husband raised three children – Geoff, Rachel, and Tristan. Like their parents, the three have also branched out to find individual success.

Geoff is currently a Luxury Real Estate Agent in Delray and works with Atlantic Waterfront Properties, while Rachel is based in the wilderness of North Georgia with her husband, where she works and homeschools her children. On the other hand, Tristan is a musician and has continuously used his art as an ode to his father. So, even though Callie has dealt with several ups and downs, she remains steadfast in her resolve and enjoys life with her children and grandchildren. Naturally, we await all the success and personal milestones that she will achieve!

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