Is Jasmine Roth Married? Does She Have Children?

Jasmine Roth is a brilliant builder and designer with her own business, Built Custom Homes, based in California. A fan-favorite HGTV host, Jasmine has a bunch of successful TV shows under her belt including, ‘Hidden Potential,’ ‘Renovate Like a Mother,’ and ‘Help! I Wrecked My House.’ The latter is quite entertaining as it entails Jasmine investigating DIY disasters before helping the homeowners bring their property back to its previous glory. With Jasmine being such a huge TV personality and running her own successful business, fans have often wondered about her life behind the screen. Well, if you are curious about the same, we come bearing answers!

Jasmine Roth’s Ex-Boyfriend

According to reports, Jasmine Roth was romantically involved with a man before dating her now-husband. Although Jasmine has always maintained a low profile when it comes to her past relationships, sources state that she was seeing someone when she first came in contact with her now-husband. However, the relationship did not last for long, and the two soon broke up.

Jasmine Roth’s Husband

Jasmine Roth is happily married to Brett Roth. The two first met while studying at the Northeastern University in Boston. Although both Jasmine and Brett were seeing other people at that time, they decided to become platonic roommates. According to sources, Jasmine’s grandmother was the first to notice the connection between them when she came over to visit. Shortly after, the pair, too, realized their mutual attraction and found that they were really into each other. The feeling soon turned into love, and the two slipped into a blissful relationship.

While dating, the couple decided to live together but was discouraged after seeing the humongous real estate prices. That was when they decided to build their own house along with an additional one to sell. Although Jasmine and Brett were both working at that time, they managed to keep their weekends free to work on their project. However, when the progression on their house wasn’t satisfactory, Jasmine left her job and took up the project full-time. That was when she realized her passion for building houses, and the brilliant designer has never looked back since.

Through work and romance, their relationship also deepened, and finally, in 2013, Jasmine and Brett got married in a beautiful ceremony in Park City, Utah. They also completed their first house in the same year. Brett has been a wonderful husband to Jasmine and is highly supportive of her career. Initially, HGTV wanted to pitch the couple together as hosts, but it did not work, and Jasmine chose to pursue a career in television while Brett remained with his staffing company.

At present, Brett is the Senior Vice President at Roth Staffing while also taking on the mantle of Vice President of Ledgent Technology. He also entertains a hobby of grilling and barbequing meat. The couple appears to be very much in love, and their social media profiles stand as a testimony to their special relationship.

Jasmine Roth’s Daughter

Jasmine and Brett became proud parents to their only daughter in 2020. On April 21, 2020, the couple welcomed their baby daughter, Hazel Lynn Roth, into this world. Jasmine is in love with motherhood and is hugely grateful for being blessed with a beautiful family. She, along with her husband and daughter, often post their beautiful memories on social media.

Moreover, the couple also tries to inculcate family values into their daughter and often takes time out of their busy schedule to spend with her. It is heartwarming to witness their familial bond, and we hope they remain happy in the days to come.

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