Was Jeffrey Epstein Married? Did He Have Kids?

‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ is a breakthrough documentary series, as it captures the voices of several individuals who have been involved with Jeffrey Epstein in various capacities. While a part of it focuses on his survivors, the other part focuses on several people who worked with or against him. In any case, since his death, a lot more details concerning his life has come to light.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Wife

In the public eye, Jeffrey Epstein was not a married man. Though he was often seen around young girls who could easily pass off as his daughters, he was never reported to be married. In any case, one person who has come significantly close in that capacity is his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. The British socialite met Jeffrey Epstein in a party, just after her break up with Count Gianfranco Cicogna in the early 1990s. The two have been photographed with several influential people like Prince Andrew, President Trump, etc. In any case, their relationship has also been the topic of much debate, as there came a point when they weren’t exactly exclusive.

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In 2003, Epstein mentioned Maxwell as his best friend. But, based on the several lawsuits filed by his survivors, they often appeared as a couple. In addition, Ghislaine Maxwell, too, is alleged to have sexually assaulted several girls with Epstein. Many of his staff, in the past, described her as the mistress of the house. There are, thus, several narratives to sanction the fact that Maxwell remained an important woman in his life. But one of Maxwell’s major role was to recruit young girls to please him sexually. In addition to this, she was also reportedly responsible for grooming young women to provide sexual favors to Epstein’s friends.

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However, over the recent years leading up to his death, he wasn’t seemingly in much contact with Maxwell. She even slipped under the radar, not making many public appearances. In the few years leading up to his arrest and death, he was reportedly in a relationship with Karyna Shuliak. She is also the last person Epstein spoke to on the phone prior to his apparent suicide. While she has not outrightly spoken to the press, she claimed that the couple was in love. She has even been photographed several times, leaving Epstein’s New York mansion.

According to an article, “She was never exposed to any sex trafficking by Epstein, who was a master at compartmentalizing his life.” In any case, the dentist girlfriend of Epstein faced some legal issues over her dental practice in the Virgin Islands that never existed. Her lawyer has refused to comment on most allegations.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Kids

When Jeffrey Epstein was alive, he did not have any children. The closest the public has heard of something like that was when Maxwell wanted to use Virginia Giuffre to be the surrogate mother of their child, which did not happen. As of recent, more than 100 people have come forward to claim that Epstein is their father. These claims have surfaced increasingly so in the light of his will. Harvey Morse, the founder of Morse Genealogical Services, said, “Jeffrey Epstein was sexually promiscuous for so long that there is a reasonable chance he may have fathered a child.” He has even set up a website where people who may have either given birth to Epstein’s child or is a child of Epstein can get DNA tests to see if he is their father. Even in death, Epstein is shrouded in controversy. (Feature Image Credit: Netflix)

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