Is Jim Cramer Leaving Squawk on the Street? Update

Image Credit: CNBC Television/YouTube

Fans were quite excited when television personality and one of the hosts of ‘Squawk on the Street,’ Jim Cramer, announced that his own show ‘Mad Money’ would be broadcasted from a new studio inside the New York Stock Exchange. However, this led to speculations about Jim’s continued association with ‘Squawk on the Street,’ as many wondered if this new beginning would see him take a leave from the popular business talk show. With fans quite curious and determined to get to the bottom of the matter, we decided to investigate and find out more!

Did Jim Cramer Leave Squawk on the Street?

After holding several jobs at prestigious organizations throughout his career, Jim Cramer initially stepped into the limelight in 1996 after co-launching the financial website, The Street, alongside Marty Peretz. At the same time, CNBC employed his services as a guest commentator throughout the 1990s before making him a co-host on the show ‘Kudlow & Cramer’ in 2002. However, Jim finally made his mark and got the recognition he deserved when he started hosting his own show, ‘Mad Money’ in 2005. Interestingly, Jim Cramer has enjoyed a longtime association with CNBC, which eventually turned him into a household name in the field of business television. However, he maintained his position as an elite columnist for The Street until September 2021, when CNBC expanded its relationship with Jim and helped him launch the CNBC Investor Club.

Image Credit: CNBC Television/YouTube

Although ‘Squawk on the Street’ premiered in December 2005, Jim Cramer became an integral part of the show when he joined as an anchor in 2011. The program begins with the start of a business day at the New York Stock Exchange and takes the viewer through the first 90 minutes of trading on Wall Street. Thus, with his immense knowledge of trading and stocks, Jim quickly became one of the more popular anchors on the show.

Interestingly, Jim has always been known as one of the more colorful anchors on CNBC and is famous for his occasional outbursts. In fact, in February 2022, the anchor chose to walk off the ‘Squawk on the Street’ set in the middle of the broadcast since the market collapse and the Russia-Ukraine crisis were too negative for him to bear. Although there were speculations about Jim leaving for good following the outburst, he soon returned with renewed vigor and increased support from fans.

In July 2022, CNBC announced that the new broadcast studio for ‘Mad Money’ would be moved to the New York Stock Exchange. The news was further promoted on ‘Squawk on the Street,’ making viewers question if Jim would sever ties with the business talk show. However, there is nothing to suggest Jim’s exit from ‘Squawk on the Street,’ as neither CNBC nor the anchor himself addressed the rumors. On the other hand, the official Twitter account for the business talk show as well as its official website still lists Jim as one of its anchors, further confirming that he is here to stay. However, Jim seems equally excited to host ‘Mad Money’ from its new location and even rang the NYSE bell, claiming it was the “first of many.” Thus, as things currently stand, it looks like Jim Cramer will not be leaving ‘Squawk on the Street’ anytime soon but will be associated simultaneously with both shows.

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