Is Jordan Li Trans or Non-Binary in Gen V?

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

After the diabolical success of ‘The Boys,’ Prime Video presents ‘Gen V,’ set in the same superhero universe but focusing on the lives of young Supes who are still in college and dream about becoming a part of The Seven someday. Expanding the universe offers the opportunity to explore the powers that haven’t yet been featured in the parent series, but the show doesn’t stop there. It jumps at the chance to start some conversations that have, so far, not been a part of ‘The Boys’ universe.

While the original series has focused on the idea of sexual fluidity with characters like Queen Maeve, it is the spin-off that sparks the conversation about gender fluidity. The character of Jordan Li is instrumental in all this. If you want to know more about Jordan’s gender and sexual identity, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

What is Jordan Li’s Gender and Sexual Identity?

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

Jordan Li is a non-binary character in ‘Gen V’ with they/them pronouns. One of the things that their powers allow them is to shift between two versions, one of which is a boy and the other a girl. It’s not yet known how Jordan felt about their gender before their powers started to show, but once they had it, it became a part of their identity. They were born a boy, which is how their parents would like them to be at all times. They believe that sticking to their boy version will allow Jordan to become more acceptable to the world and help them reach the top. They don’t like it when Jordan shifts into their girl version. For the parents, it feels unnatural, a side effect of the superpowers. But for Jordan, it is the superpower.

Jordan’s two versions aren’t just about their looks. They also come with different sets of powers. The male version makes them dense and indestructible, while the female version is more agile and can launch energy blasts. All of this comes rather handy in a fight where they effortlessly shift between their two forms and use their powers to enjoy the advantage over their enemies. For others, it might feel a little weird to see Jordan shift forms, but for them, it is completely natural, and they go from one form to another whenever they feel like it, not just when they need to.

While Jordan’s gender fluidity is their superpower and makes them one of the more powerful Supes, it has also hindered their way to the top. Apparently, being a “bigender Asian with pronoun f-kery” does not sell with a section of people, and Vought is all about image and likability factor. No one wants a Supe who is unsaleable to several parts of the country. This is why Jordan struggles to be Number One, even if they are the best of the bunch. They don’t get credit for saving the day because they don’t look good as a hero on TV.

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