Is Joshua Hudnall Alive?

The heartwrenching story of Joshua Hudnall, a Florida native, has been covered in detail in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: Let Her Rot’. Joshua’s father was the victim of a horrifyingly brutal murder in 2011. The killers? Joshua’s own little sister and their reportedly manipulative mother. In the shocking episode of ‘Evil Lives Here’, Joshua narrated the painful truth about his life in a very matter-of-fact manner. Curious to know more about Joshua Hudnell, his family, and his current whereabouts? Here’s what we know.

Who Was Joshua Hudnall?

Joshua Michael Hudnall was born on February 14, 1991, to parents William Hudnall and Stephanie Hudnall, in Keystone Heights, Florida. The Alachua County resident grew up with two younger sisters – Guenevere and Ruby Grace. At the time of his father’s murder, Joshua had been serving in the US Army in Iraq. His father, William, was found dead in his Hawthorne home on June 9, 2011. Joshua’s sister, then-19-year-old Guenevere, had killed her unsuspecting father by hacking him to death with a pickaxe.

During the police investigation, Guenevere apparently stated that she had struck William’s head with the pickaxe until he stopped making noise. What was the motive, you ask? William’s social security payout. Guenevere had been manipulated by her mother Stephanie to commit the heinous crime so that they could supplement their dwindling finances with William’s social security money. For Joshua, this news wasn’t as shocking as it should have been.

Joshua claims that his time in Iraq had been the easiest in his life. He believed that his time in the war-torn land was still better than what he had to endure at home and what his childhood had been like. According to Joshua, his mother, Stephanie, was a “master manipulator” and was very controlling. He found Iraq to be an escape from his mother’s control. Joshua was aware that his mom had once allegedly attempted to poison her husband and also tried to light his bed on fire while he was asleep another time. She had even once tried to stab Joshua as well. It was that particular incident that made him enlist in the military.

Where is Joshua Hudnall Now?

Not long after he relayed his family’s turbulent past to the ‘Evil Lives Here’ crew, Joshua Hudnall was found dead in his truck on August 14, 2018, at the mere age of 27. Joshua passed away due to liver failure. He was living in Alachua County in Florida at the time. Joshua is survived by his mother Stephanie (currently serving 40 years in prison for second-degree murder), his sister Guenevere (also serving 40 years), and his youngest sister Ruby Grace.

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