Is Judd Lormand Leaving Seal Team?

Judd Lormand has been part of many films and television shows over the years. However, one of his best-known roles is that of Lieutenant Commander Eric Blackburn on CBS’ military drama series called ‘SEAL Team.’ The show centers around the elite Bravo Team, whose commanding officer is Blackburn for the most part, until recently. While season 4 is more eventful than ever, it also marks the exit and entry for several cast members. Lately, the fans have been worried that Lormand has been written off the show. If you are anxious about the same, we are here to share with you everything we know!

What Happened to Eric Blackburn?

The fans of the series began to panic after they noticed that Lormand is credited as a special guest star in the third episode of season 4, despite being a main cast member since season 2. In the seventh episode, Lormand’s Blackburn tells the Bravo Team that he would not be a part of their next mission since he has been promoted. He is now a Commander and has become an Executive Officer of DEVGRU (The Naval Special Warfare Development Group).

Blackburn hands over the responsibility of the Bravo Team to Lieutenant Wes Soto. Judd Lormand’s last appearance on the show is in episode 7 of season 4, after which he is nowhere to be seen even though season 4 has almost finished airing. Additionally, the actor has not been credited for any episodes after the seventh one. Could this mean that the series has put a lid on Blackburn’s story? If that is the case, does that mean Lormand has left ‘SEAL Team?’

Is Judd Lormand Leaving SEAL Team?

Although Judd Lormand has been absent for most of season 4, it is hard to say if the actor has permanently stepped out of the military drama. Blackburn’s character has been promoted as a SEAL, which means that he still exists in the show’s universe. So, who knows? Lormand might make guest appearances in the future. When Jessica Paré (Amanda “Mandy” Ellis) stepped down as a series regular, the showrunner Spencer Hudnut hinted that her character has left the service but does not mean that the fans might not see her again.

Therefore, this could also be true for Lormand’s Eric Blackburn. Hudnut also spoke about how the show tries to mirror the real-life experiences of actual SEAL Team members, which includes constant changes in the units they serve in. This is why the show moves its characters around frequently. He also added that war takes an emotional and mental toll on people, which is why in the fourth season, we see several characters make life-changing decisions regarding their careers. Taking into account all these factors, we can see why people are hoping to see Blackburn cross paths with the Bravo Team.

In case you are wondering when that might happen, given that season 4 has almost finished its run, you would be happy to know that the military drama has been renewed for a fifth round. The fans are passionate about Blackburn and miss seeing Lormand play the character, as is evident from the comments on the actor’s fairly recent Instagram post. Moreover, it looks like the ‘Good Behavior’ actor and father of three is not busy with any other projects that are currently in production. So, there may be a chance that we continue to see Lormand as a guest star on ‘SEAL Team’ every now and then.

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