Is Kyle McLusky Leaving Kingstown?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ centers around the McLusky family, who help maintain the precarious balance of power in a town where crime and regular life go hand in hand. After the death of his elder brother, Mike McLusky takes on the mantle of being the main powerbroker, while his younger brother, Kyle, remains the only one in the family to be on the police force. With his elder brothers already too far gone to clean up their ways, Kyle is the only one who has any shot at a normal life, provided he leaves the toxic town. So is Kyle McLusky fixing to leave Kingstown? Let’s take a look. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Kyle McLusky Leaving Kingstown?

Kyle is a well-respected police officer with a flourishing career and even gets a big promotion for his efforts. He mentions to Mike that he has been offered a job with the State Troopers, involving a significant raise in salary and a chance to move away from Kingstown. With a baby on the way, the youngest McLusky brother begins to seriously consider moving away so that his child can grow up with a father. His wife also wants Kyle to detach from his family’s underhand dealings but remains silent on the matter for the most part.

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The strongest supporter of Kyle moving away is his mother, Miriam. Having lost her husband and oldest son, Mitch, to Kingstown’s grimy power games, she gloomily implores her youngest son not to follow in their footsteps. Miriam also tries to convince Mike to leave but realizes soon enough that there is no point because he is already too deeply entrenched.

Kyle’s disastrous shootout, during which a criminal unexpectedly attempts to shoot his partner Ian, might also force him to finally leave behind his dangerous life in Kingstown. However, despite all these reasons, Kyle is most likely going to stay back and not leave. The foremost reason for this is that, like the rest of his family, Kyle has also only known life in Kingstown and is uncomfortable at the prospect of leaving this familiar territory (despite its rampant dangers). It is worth noting that his mother, for all her lamenting, also chooses to stay back in Kingstown instead of leaving.

Apart from being the home of all his friends and family, essentially everyone he has ever known, Kyle is also attached to his hometown because of his brother. Despite being a police officer, Kyle has readily helped Mike (and Mitch before that) with any manner of illegal undertaking, mainly out of a sense of duty. He genuinely seems to believe that what his brothers describe as “bending the rules” is the best way to achieve peace in Kingstown and therefore wants to support them in their endeavor. Taylor Handley, who essays Kyle McLusky, has also mentioned how his character feels that he can help “save” the town, further hinting that the youngest McLusky brother is in it for the long haul and not leaving Kingstown any time soon.

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