Is Lawson Bates Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Reality shows revolving around a family’s day-to-day life have always been able to capture the attention and interest of viewers. Up TV’s ‘Bringing Up Bates’ is one such show that has been attracting viewers to its interesting premise ever since its premiere in 2015. Also featuring the extended Bates family, the show primarily follows the lives of Gil Bates and his wife, Kelly, as they bring up their 19 children. Peppered with humor, wit, and some heart-touching scenes, the show is a wonderful experience for fans of the genre.

Lawson Bates is one of Gil and Kelly’s 19 kids. He is also well known for being a brilliant musician and has taken his music to all parts of the United States. He has garnered quite a significant fanbase with several hit songs to his name and numerous solo album releases. So naturally, fans have been curious to know about Lawson’s life behind the TV screen and whether or not he has a special someone who has his heart. Well, we come bearing answers.

Lawson Bates’ Family and Early Life

Lawson Bates comes from the famous Bates family and was born on July 27, 1992, in Anderson County, Tennessee. He is the 4th child of Gilvin Bates and Kelly Jo Bates. Lawson’s childhood and life have been documented in the show ‘Bringing Up Bates,’ where he is shown to be living with eighteen other siblings. Growing up in Rocky Top, a rural Tennessee town, Lawson’s early life was filled with working in the family business and enjoying countryside activities like fishing, hunting, or even trail riding in his time-off.

Music has been Lawson’s first love since his childhood. He often reminisces about how his family would sit together to play music and sing along. Soon, he developed an interest in playing instruments from a very young age and learned the piano, mandolin, and guitar by the time he was 11-years-old. Lawson said that he knew he always wanted to make a career in music, and that desire grew stronger when he met Andy Leftwich. The multiple Grammy-winning instrumentalist and producer encouraged the young boy to pursue his dreams, and thus Lawson then went to Nashville to start his brilliant music career.

Lawson Bates’ Former Relationships

In August 2020, there were speculations and rumors about Lawson Bates being in a relationship with ‘Counting On’ star Jana Duggar. The speculations rose from a few comments that Lawson made on Jana’s pictures on social media. Even with the rumors growing stronger and the media reporting on it, neither Jana nor Lawson addressed them publicly. Thus, to this date, their speculated relationship has not been confirmed by either of the two. However, sources claim that Jana once shut down relationship rumors, confirming that they weren’t together.

Lawson Bates’ Girlfriend

Lawson Bates is in a happy and wonderful relationship with actress Tiffany Espensen. On February 5, 2021, Lawson confirmed that he is dating Tiffany through a romantic and adorable post on Instagram. Ever since confirming their status as a couple, Lawson Bates has been filling his social media with pictures of his girlfriend, complete with adorable captions showcasing his love and admiration for her.

Tiffany Espensen is a brilliant actress who started young before coming into the spotlight through her portrayal of Cindy Moon in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ She has also showcased her talent in numerous other films and TV shows. Tiffany looks like she is completely in love with Lawson Bates and does not shy away from expressing her love for the reality star in public. It is lovely to see two wonderful souls so blissfully happy with each other, and we would like to wish them the very best for the years to come.

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