Is LeBron Still Friends With the Fab 5?

Peacock’s ‘Shooting Stars‘ is a biographical movie that presents viewers with a heartwarming story of five young men whose friendship helps them navigate many adversities in their lives. Together, LeBron James, Lil Dru/Dru Joyce III, Willie McGee, Sian Cotton, and Romeo Travis became the “Fab 5” in high school and dominated their opponents on the basketball court. However, it has been almost two decades since they went on separate paths after school, and people are curious if their close bond has survived the test of time. Is NBA star LeBron James still friends with his high school teammates? Well, here is what we know about the same!

LeBron’s Enduring Bond with the Fab 5

It certainly does seem like LeBron James is still close with the other members of the “Fab 5.” However, his connection with each person appears to be slightly different than others. Nevertheless, the amicable and close bond that the five fostered at a young age seems to have survived the various tests of time and is still admired by many. With some of his friends, LeBron has also had a chance to work professionally, and the members of the group are often there for each other during crucial life moments.

The Fab 5 in ‘Shooting Stars’

When it comes to public attention, the group is sure the catch everyone’s eyes when they appear together. Anytime that the other members of the “Fab 5” attend one of LeBron James, the people cannot get enough of it. After all, all of them have contributed to the world of basketball in one way or the other, even if some of them may not still be active in or beside the court. In fact, it is not unknown for LeBro0n to partner with one of his friends to work on different projects.

Consider the partnership between LeBron James and Sian Cotton for the “NBA 2K14” game. The latter’s dedication to creating a path for himself in the world of rap music led him to submit a track for the game. Though LeBron, in his role as one of the project’s executives, had not known that his friend had done so, he did recognize Sian’s voice upon hearing the music and contacted him to create a deal that would help them both. It was not long before Sian’s music was officially part of the game, and his song, “Almost Home,” gained massive public attention.

Similarly, Willie McGee has been working as a We Are Family Coach/ AD of IPS for the LeBron James Family Foundation since August 2022. The organization is dedicated to uplifting the youth of Akron, Ohio, the region that saw the five boys come together as friends and players. The work is in line with Willie’s own professional moves, given that he is the CEO of The Dale Program, which has similar goals. Lil Dru is also active in the field o basketball as the Assistant Head Coach of Duquesne Dukes (with Keith Dambrot as Head Coach). Similarly, Romeo was active on the court until 2021, when he was playing for Limoges CSP.

Given everything the various members of the “Fab 5” has shared with the public, combined with their professional moves, it is easy to ascertain that the group is still close. LeBron himself has taken many opportunities over the years to express his appreciation for his friends, a sentiment they return wholeheartedly. Indeed, any professional milestone achieved by the present Los Angeles Lakers player is celebrated with passion by the “Fab 5.”

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