Lifetime’s Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Is Loosely Inspired by a True Story

A part of Lifetime’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins Story’ movies, ‘Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins‘ is a drama movie that centers on a celebrity baker named Birdie Moore, an aging reality television star living a luxurious and well-constructed life but only until she doesn’t. Soon, every aspect of her seemingly picture-perfect life begins to crumble when the buried family secrets are brought out into the open. To acknowledge the truth and retain her legacy, Birdie must let go of her pride, the exact reason behind the disconnect between her and her late college-dropout daughter. Her pride also prevents her from seeing the truth of his opportunist son Gabe and her granddaughter Ella who is just trying to figure out her life and making a few mistakes along the way.

Although pride catapulted Birdie to the top, it made her blind and became the reason for everything wrong in her life. Now, more than ever, she must see the truth or bear the consequences. Featuring heartfelt performances from the likes of Keeya King, Stephanie Mills, Thomas Miles, Lucia Walters, and Jaime M. Callica, the Troy Scott directorial, based on realistic themes, sheds light upon pride and the consequences it can have on one’s life, regardless of their status or position in the world.

How Pride Mirrors Real-Life Dynamics

Yes, ‘Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story’ is loosely based on a true story. It is also an adaptation of Victoria Christopher Murray’s novel series, just like the rest of the other films in Lifetime’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ movie anthology. The writer Felicia Brooker used her brilliant writing prowess and experience in the industry to conjure up an enthralling screenplay that touches upon some themes, such as pride and how it can spoil relationships, that is a reflection of real life. So, it is understandable why the film might resonate with so many people who either deal with pride or have prideful people in their lives.

In an early April 2023 interview with Media Village, even the lead actress Stephanie Mills admitted to relating to her character Birdie Moore because she faces something similar personally. She confessed, “I have brothers going through their pride, and I have a son I’m raising. So yes, I could definitely relate as a mother loving her son so much that she wanted to cover up whatever he was doing.”

Mills continued laughing, “My son is 22, and he cons me every day all the time. But it wasn’t too far from me as far as the mother. I’ve never been prideful, and I’m a person that will say, ‘I’m sorry’ if I hurt your feelings or something. I’ve just never been prideful, so that was different for me, and being mean to my son was different. I’ve never (even) yelled at my son, you know? I’ve never even said ‘no’ to him. I know that sounds crazy, but to be mean to Tommy was hard because he’s so sweet.”

To conclude, Mills said a few things about the movie’s subject matter and how much truth it holds. She stated, “This movie talks about pride, and in our community, we have a lot of pride in families. I hope (viewers) get the message that being prideful is dangerous. You have got to be able to say, ‘I’m sorry, I love you,’ because some families don’t talk for five or 10 years because they’re prideful. That’s the message that I was so happy was so well written in this script.”

Although the makers have not spoken anything about it, there are speculations that ‘Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins’ is somewhat inspired by the case of Miss Robbie and Tim Norman, not largely but partly. Like Birdie Moore, Tim Norman owns a famous bakery named Sweetie Pie’s and is a reality TV show star featured in ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.’ So, one can draw many parallels between the Lifetime drama movie and reality, which justifies the makers’ claims that actual events inspire it.

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