Is Lifetime’s Stalked by Her Past Inspired by a True Story?

Directed by Bobby Yan, Lifetime’s ‘Stalked by Her Past,’ AKA ‘Stalker,’ is a thriller movie that follows a beloved Hollywood actress named Tanya Moore. Suddenly, her dazzling life is turned upside down when she starts getting stalked by someone. After a mysterious call asking her to repair damage from her past, Tanya returns to her hometown and tries to find a solution. In her quest, she is joined by her estranged sister, Shelly, and former high school boyfriend, Damon.

Starring Meta Golding, Isabelle Du, and Christian Keyes, the film is full of romance, drama, jealousy, and unexpected plot twists. The ups and downs that the viewers go through alongside the protagonist as she tries to uncover the identity of her stalker make the movie a treat to watch. However, a few fans are curious about how the film came to be. Is it based on real-life events or simply a gripping piece of fiction?

Stalked by Her Past is a Credit to its Writer

No, ‘Stalked by Her Past’ is not based on a true story. The realistic feeling of the movie’s plot can primarily be credited to the writing of Scott Mullen. In fact, this is far from the first time he has shown off his creativity for a Lifetime film, given his work in ‘Line Sisters.’ Another prominent reason behind the movie’s credibility is the direction of Bobby Yan, who has also helmed projects like ‘K-Love.’ Thanks to them and the talented cast’s acting, viewers enjoy a story they cannot but connect to reality.

That said, there are certainly elements in the film that bear a resemblance to real life. There have been many instances where famous actresses have talked about being followed by someone. In fact, in some cases, the stalker is stated to be a former partner. For example, in 2017, beloved actress Mischa Barton shared that she was being followed and threatened by her ex-boyfriend, Adam Spaw. She ended up taking him to court to file a restraining order.

Nevertheless, the Lifetime movie adds a certain amount of thrill and intrigue that keeps the viewers hooked. The premise of a woman being followed by a stalker is often seen in the entertainment industry, though each project has its unique set of circumstances and plot twists that ensure that the basic premise is elevated to a level never seen before. Consider ‘Unsane,’ a 2018 movie starring the talented Claire Foy (of ‘The Crown‘ fame) as the protagonist. Combining psychological elements with the already thrilling concept makes it a must-watch.


As for the Meta Golding starrer, the movie feels like a twist to the commonly seen trope of a professionally successful woman returning to her hometown and discovering her roots. Technically speaking, the character of Tanya Moore does indeed connect to her past, reach out to an estranged sibling, and rekindle relationships with former flames. Yet, the reason behind all of this is far from heartwarming, with the burning question of who might be stalking Tanya constantly plaguing her and the viewers.

Overall, ‘Stalked by Her Past’ combines real-life elements and beloved entertaining themes to create a movie to remember. The protagonist, despite her stardom, is someone that viewers can relate to, given her past regrets and present troubles. Combined with the realistic yet chilling narrative and revelations that unfold as the story progresses, the film is undoubtedly one thriller fans will love to watch.

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