Is Lil Dead or Alive in Ludik?

Netflix’s crime series ‘Ludik’ revolves around the life of Daan Ludik, the renowned owner of Ludik Furniture and Carpets. Daan uses his furniture store as a front to smuggle diamonds in and out of South Africa. Lilith AKA Lil, Daan’s trusted ally, helps him transfer the diamonds to his client Farhad. When Brigadier Davies starts to unravel the truth about Daan’s diamond smuggling, the latter tries to pin it on Arend Brown, a firearms trafficker.

Arend, infuriated by the losses incurred due to Daan, pays a visit to Lil to find out the name of Daan’s client and threatens to hurt her if she doesn’t reveal the same. When Daan tries to reach out to her, he comes to know from Lil’s son Danso that she is killed. So, is Lil really dead? What happens to her off-screen? Let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Lil Dead or Alive?

Ever since Daan strikes a deal with Arend to smuggle guns, Lil starts to feel threatened. His diamond trade gets affected, making Daan’s client Farhad insecure about him. When Farhad’s right-hand man threatens Lil regarding the missing diamonds, she realizes that it is time for her to separate from Daan for the sake of her and her son Danso’s lives. After acquiring Daan’s diamonds from Officer Moyo, Arend arrives at Lil’s flower store to know about Daan’s client, likely to ally against the “furniture man.” Since she is loyal to him, she doesn’t reveal what he wants to know.

Later the same day, Daan calls Lil, only for Danso to pick up the call and inform him that she is killed. When Lil refused to reveal Farhad’s name, despite Arend’s persistence, he may have killed her. Since his empire is falling apart due to Daan’s interference, Arend may have put an end to the latter’s trusted ally. However, Lil’s life is more complicated than that. There is a possibility that she is faking her own death to find a way out of Daan’s dangerous actions and plans. She can be alive and the “florist” must have instructed Danso to tell Daan that she is dead.

From Arend’s conversation with Lil, it is evident that they have a history. He even reminds her that they used to be close. Even though he threatens to hurt her, he doesn’t give any indication that he wants to kill her. Even if Lil makes it very clear that she cannot reveal Daan’s client’s name, the matter is not serious enough for Arend to kill her right away. Knowing Farhad’s name will not rewrite Arend’s fate or compensate for his losses. As a man who was ready to give Bells another chance to be on his team despite the latter’s betrayal, it is unlikely that Arend has killed Lil only because she has chosen to not reveal the identity of Daan’s client.

If Arend hasn’t killed her, it is unlikely that someone else has done it. There is a possibility that Farhad’s right-hand man has killed her but he doesn’t have any reason to do so without meeting Daan first. Since he gets killed by Daan, it is unlikely that Farhad has killed Lil. Considering these factors and possibilities, Lil can be alive, trying to find a path to escape from the troubles Daan has been causing. If she is alive, she must have taken Arend’s visit as a wake-up call to decide that she needs to flee from Daan’s realm to avoid his enemies.

Since Lil is extremely loyal to Daan, she must have found it difficult to convince him that she wants to put an end to their allegiance. She must be thinking that the narrative of her death will convince Daan and his enemies to not look for her. If that’s the case, Lil must have flown away to another city or country to protect Danso.

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