Is MCSU a Real School? Is Killer Clown an Actual Book?

Image Credit: Felipe Hernández/Netflix

 A Carlos Alonso Ojea (‘El Matador’) directorial venture, ‘Killer Book Club’ or ‘El club de los lectores criminales’ is a Spanish horror thriller film streaming on Netflix. The plot follows a group of friends whose pursuit of revenge for sexual assault leads to a fatal accident. They subsequently receive threats on the group chat for their book club. Using the username ‘The MadClown, the person declares that they will post a new chapter of their story every time they kill one member of the club. In the film, the main characters are students of a Spanish university called MCSU. If you are wondering whether that’s a real school, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

MCSU: Fictional University in Killer Book Club

No, MCSU doesn’t seem to be a real university in Spain. Almost all members of the main cast of characters, except Nando, are students of MCSU, though Virginia is younger than the rest. Most of them are also part of Cruzado’s writing class. The fictional university has a Don Quijote statute that serves as an important component in the narrative a couple of times. Both Cruzado and Sebas die after falling from the balcony and being impaled on the statue’s jousting lance.

Image Credit: Felipe Hernández/Netflix

As MCSU doesn’t exist in real life, the associated scenes were filmed at Hospital de Tavera at C. Duque de Lerma, 2, in Toledo, Spain. A considerable portion of the interior scenes at the university were shot in the Convento de San Pedro Mártir, a convent in Toledo.

‘Killer Book Club’ mostly takes place at MCSU. It is revealed that Ángela’s troubled past has come to haunt her even though she thought she left it behind. The killers are revealed to be Sebas and Virginia. Six years earlier, Ángela knew Virginia as Alicia, a younger girl whose story she used to write her novel. She thought Alicia died after setting her mother on fire, but that is clearly not the case. Sebas was Alicia’s boyfriend. Together, they planned Ángela’s downfall.

Killer Clown is Not a Real Book

‘Killer Clown’ by Miranda Duncan is not a real book. Miranda Duncan isn’t a real author. The name is likely a nod to Carlos García Miranda, the writer of the 2018 book of the same name that serves as the source material for the film. Garcia also wrote the screenplay for ‘Killer Book Club.’

Image Credit: Felipe Hernández/Netflix

In an interview with Bloguionistas, Miranda explained how the writings of a literary great influenced the novel. “It’s a project of mine that has taken me a lot of headaches to finish,” he explained. “I started thinking about writing a horror novel that would work as a great tribute to the literature of Stephen King when I was finishing the previous one, ‘Conexo.’ In fact, at that time I already made a rough outline and wrote the first chapters, but then I did get a commission and had to leave this one in the drawer.

Miranda continued, “A couple of years later, I took it out again and here we are, but after having suffered a lot… Few things become as big as a story that you left half finished. You have it there, just like a stone in your kidney that you don’t know if you’ll be able to expel. Of course, when you manage to do it, you feel like a new person and you don’t even remember how much it annoyed you. It’s funny how stories become the center of your life, but as soon as you write ‘end’ they are like a black and white memory.”

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