Where is Netflix’s Killer Book Club Filmed?

Image Credit: Felipe Hernández/Netflix

Based on the eponymous book by Carlos García Miranda, Netflix’s ‘Killer Book Club’ is a Spanish horror mystery film helmed by Carlos Alonso Ojea that focuses on a group of eight horror-loving friends who decide to pull a costume prank on one of their teachers, which results in a fatal accident and the death of the teacher. Soon after agreeing upon a pact of silence, the friends are threatened by an anonymous writer who seems to know their dark secret and wants to reveal them. Threatening to post a horror novel based on them, the anonymous stalker/writer takes the life of one of them for each chapter of the novel.

Despite the distrust between them, the eight friends fight for their survival as any of them could be the next victim or the masked killer. Originally titled ‘El Club de los Lectores Criminales,’ the thriller movie features impressive onscreen performances by Veki Velilla, Álvaro Mel, Priscilla Delgado, Daniel Grao, and Iván Pellicer. Most of the story unfolds on the university campus where the eight friends get chased around by the masked killer, hell-bent on revealing their secret and killing them. So, it is likely to make one wonder if the shooting of ‘Killer Book Club’ took place in an actual university or not. Well, allow us to get rid of your curiosities about the same!

Killer Book Club Filming Locations

‘Killer Book Club’ was filmed in its entirety in Spain, specifically in Toledo and Madrid. As per reports, principal photography for the slasher film commenced in early February 2022 and wrapped up in over a month or so, in March of the same year. So, without wasting any time, let’s traverse through all the specific locations that feature in the Netflix film!

Toledo, Spain

A significant portion of ‘Killer Book Club’ was lensed in the city of Toledo, which is the capital of the eponymous province and the de facto seat of the government of Spain’s autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. The production team kicked off the shooting in Toledo, utilizing various neighborhoods and streets across the city. For instance, Hospital de Tavera at C. Duque de Lerma, 2, in Toledo was transformed into a university headquarters where the protagonists study. Moreover, several important scenes set inside the university were recorded in the Convento de San Pedro Mártir as well.

Madrid, Spain

The shooting for ‘Killer Book Club’ was also carried out in and around Madrid, the capital of Spain. During the shooting schedule, many locals and passersby spotted the director and his team taping numerous key portions for the film in La Vía Láctea at Calle de Velarde, 18, in Madrid. The locales of the Centro district of Madrid also feature quite heavily in various scenes. Apart from that, the production team reportedly traveled northeast of the city of Madrid to the city of Alcalá de Henares, which is located in the Community of Madrid.

Although the Veki Velilla starrer seemingly features popular local attractions such as the Plaza Mayor, the Puerta de Alcalá, the Royal Palace of Madrid, and Almudena Cathedral, there have been other productions that have made the most of the city’s landscapes for filming purposes as well. Some of the notable ones include ‘The Others,’ ‘Pieces,’ ‘The Chalk Line,’ ‘The Devil’s Backbone,’ and ‘The Girl in the Mirror.’

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