Where Was The Others Filmed?

‘The Others’ is a horror movie that follows the story of a woman and her two children who have to battle the fear of the mysterious intruders in their house. Nicole Kidman stars in the role of Grace, who is very protective of her children who suffer from a rare skin disorder that keeps them from coming in direct contact with sunlight. The film uses these unique situations of the family to create tension in the story. Like any other horror flick, ‘The Others’ relies a lot on its location to toy with the fear and paranoia of its characters. If you want to know where it has been filmed, here’s the answer.

The Others Filming Locations

Set in the late 40s, after the Second World War, ‘The Others’ takes the audience to Jersey, Channel Islands. The story has a gothic feel about it and, in fact, had felt so British to the producers that they convinced director Alejandro Amenabar to change his script from Spanish to English, while also shifting its setting from somewhere in South America to somewhere in England.

However, when it came to shooting the film, the production eventually decided on Spain, after scouting numerous locations in the UK. Cantabria and Madrid in Spain serve as the primary filming locations. Some scenes have also been filmed in Kent in England.

Palacio de Los Hornillos, Spain

One of the key elements of ‘The Others’ is the house. This is where most of the film takes place. The house confines the characters in limited surroundings and for good reason. From the looks of it (whatever peek we get from the thick fog surrounding it), the house is very Victorian in nature, in sync with the English setting of the film. However, the place where it is actually situated is far from Britain. It is actually in Spain.

All the scenes featuring the house in ‘The Others’ have been filmed at Palacio de Los Hornillos in Las Fraguas, Iguña, Cantabria. It was designed by Ralph Selden Wornum at the beginning of the twentieth century for the Duke of Santo Mauro.

Kent, England

Despite the British setting of the film, there is only one scene that has been filmed in the UK. The scene takes place halfway through the film. After a serious altercation with the unknown entities in the house, Grace finally decides to go to the priest herself and tell him to purify the house of the spirits. Mrs. Mills tries to stop her and asks her to leave when the weather gets better. However, Grace is adamant about it and as she moves further from the house the fog thickens so much that she gets lost. This is when she finds her husband, who tells her that he had been trying to find a way back home all the time that he was missing.

This is a very important scene in the film and it has been filmed at Penshurst Place in Kent. The Lime Walk was used for the scene. You might also recognize the place from other British Period pieces like ‘The Princess Bride’, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, and ‘Wolf Hall’.

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