Is Monique Dead in Suspicion?

The fourth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ depicts astounding turnarounds in the lives of the suspects. From Natalie’s secret operation with the authorities to capture Sean Tilson to Walker and Aadesh’s attempts to prove their innocence, the suspects of the Leo Newman kidnapping case try their best to see the end of the mystery. However, Aadesh, Tara, Walker, Natalie, and Natalie’s sister Monique get abducted by an anonymous group and they threaten to kill them if they won’t provide information about Leo Newman. As they face death, Sean Tilson comes to their rescue and a shootout ensues, only for Monique to get hit badly. So, is she dead or alive? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Monique Dead?

Yes, Monique is dead. Even though Monique isn’t a suspect in the Leo Newman case, the abductors abduct her along with Natalie. Monique’s involvement in the case, one way or the other, can be the reason behind her abduction along with her sister and others. The anonymous group threatens the five of them and holds them at gunpoint to kill them if they fail to provide information concerning Leo Newman. Although Aadesh tries to convince them that they are innocent, the men with the gun dismiss him. Fortunately, Sean Tilson arrives at the scene for their rescue.

Sean arrives and starts to shoot down the anonymous abductors. The men fire back at Tilson but shoot Monique, who stands up rather than laying low to avoid getting hit, numerous times and kill her. Due to the hostile environment, Natalie fails to protect her sister and is forced to escape with Tilson and others, leaving her sister’s dead body at the scene. Monique’s inadvertent involvement in the intricate case and her attempts to deal with Sean Tilson pave the way for her unfortunate death. The adverse circumstances also leave Natalie helpless, leaving her incapable of protecting her sister.

Monique’s death is expected to motivate Natalie to find out the truth behind the anonymous abductors who killed her sister. She and others may start investigating Leo’s kidnapping on their own to reveal the truth and prove their innocence. It may also unravel the identities of the anonymous men who killed Monique for Natalie to bring them to justice. In the upcoming episodes, we may see the five suspects, including Tilson, exploring the kidnapping case to find out the truth. More than anyone, Natalie has a personal reason to get to the end of the mystery.

If Monique’s death isn’t covered-up, the FBI and NCA may suffer from severe pressure and media scrutiny. The dead-ends in their investigation and an innocent girl’s death may force them to try desperate measures to unravel the ambiguity behind Leo’s kidnapping and Monique’s death.

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