Who Kidnapped Leo Newman in Suspicion? Theories

Based on ‘False Flag’ by Maria Feldman and Amit Cohen, Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ centers around the kidnapping of Leo Newman, the son of a renowned media mogul. The British show progresses through the attempts of four Britons, who get accused of kidnapping Leo, to prove their innocence when the National Crime Agency and FBI hold them accountable for the crime. As the three of the four accused individuals resist the NCA and FBI’s severe questioning, the viewers must be wondering who are the real kidnappers. Intrigued by the mystery, we have dived into the possibilities. Let’s take a look! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Aadesh, Natalie, Tara, and Sean

Considering the circumstantial evidence, Aadesh, Natalie, Tara, and Sean can be the kidnappers. The four of them stay in the hotel the day of the kidnapping and are seen in close proximity. Sean, an internationally wanted criminal, may not come out in the open on the day of an important conference that involves political and business figures for nothing. His presence in the hotel must be due to a reason and the fact that he keeps in touch with Natalie, who stays in the hotel on the same day, makes it evident that their presence in the luxury hotel isn’t accidental.

The money bag Natalie hides also points fingers towards her involvement and proves that she is lying to the authorities. Aadesh, on the other hand, can be the tech-savvy of the team. Considering his current financial condition, technical proficiency, and ambition, it makes sense that he is a perfect fit for the kidnapping team. His belief that he can walk into one of the major communications agencies in the world with a fake CV for a job can only be taken into account with a pinch of salt.

Aadesh lived all his life without earning the respect he deserves for his talent. Kidnapping Leo by breaking high-end security systems is a validation for his talents and a way for him to be financially stable. Tara already possesses a motive for kidnapping Leo. She had protested his admission to the University of Oxford upon alleging foul play in the process. When she failed to prove her allegations, her ego must have hurt and that might have motivated her to be part of the crime. Her husband’s divorce testimony does hint at her egotistical nature and her failure to prove her claims might have transformed into enmity against Leo. If these factors and possibilities are to be considered, Aadesh, Natalie, Tara, and Sean can be the kidnappers.

Martin Copeland

Martin Copeland, Katherine Newman’s business partner and the co-head of Cooper Newman PR, can also be a possible suspect. As the co-head of Cooper Newman PR, Katherine has built an illustrious life for her and her family. Her involvement in politics, contacts with political figures, and her appointment as the ambassador to the UK are the results of her position. Such an enviable growth may have stirred jealousy in her business partner Martin Copeland. Kidnapping Leo may be a pathway for Martin to bring Katherine down and climb the heights she has already reached.

Martin possesses the power, influence, and money to oversee a high-profile kidnapping. As the business partner of Katherine, he might be aware of the secrets that can doom Katherine’s life. Since the kidnappers ask “truth” from Katherine in return for her son’s life, Katherine may be forced to reveal a secret that can potentially end her political and influential career. Any void Katherine creates may turn out to be an opportunity for Martin to fill. The kidnappers’ insistence on “truth” than a considerable financial ransom also reveals that money is not the primary motive. If Katherine gets exposed, Martin can very well gain from it. Thus, there’s a possibility that Martin Copeland can be the one behind the kidnappers.

Katherine Newman

The complexity of Leo’s kidnapping doesn’t leave out his own mother Katherine Newman as a suspect. When Leo gets kidnapped, Katherine is at the most important phase of her life. She has established herself as one of the most influential business figures in the USA. She is aiming for new heights by being the ambassador to the UK. Such a phase needs an additional factor that will turn out advantageous for her. By kidnapping her own son, Katherine may be aiming for sympathy from the media and public that can boost her political career.

An efficient PR project is a necessity for any politician to survive the complications of the political arena. Katherine’s project can be her son’s kidnapping, which will create waves of sympathy towards her. It can also be used to mask any sort of negative reaction from the public or media regarding her appointment as the ambassador. The attention Leo’s kidnapping generates in the media will also create an “unfortunate mother image” for Katherine and it will help to resist the notion of “business tycoon gaining political favors.” The kidnappers’ demand of truth can be a ploy she devises to keep her in the limelight as well.

The fact that Uma Thurman, the A-lister among the cast of the show, essays the role of Katherine Newman indicates that the character does have an important part to play in the central mystery of the show rather than being just a supporting character.


The ambiguous details in Leo’s kidnapping can also mean that the whole affair is not what it seems to be. Leo’s kidnapping can also be an arrangement between Leo and the CIA or the FBI to expose Katherine Newman. Kidnapping the son of an influential businesswoman and political figure without leaving any substantial evidence behind is an unbelievable act to fulfill. Since the kidnappers succeed in it, there’s a chance that the whole affair was conceived by the FBI or CIA for the kidnapping to happen flawlessly.

Leo might have come to know about the wrongdoings of his mother Katherine and contacted the authorities to bring her to justice. Since Katherine is such an influential figure among the politicians of the federal system, the Bureau has limitations to investigate her directly. But framing the kidnapping of Leo, with his own permission, allows the FBI to demand truth from Katherine and hold her under public scrutiny. The kidnappers’ demand of truth forces Katherine to expose herself to save her son’s life and the FBI can move forward with the investigation without fearing interference from her or any politicians for that matter.

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