Is Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) Leaving General Hospital?

‘General Hospital’ is a long-running soap opera series that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. Set in the fictional city of Port Charles, the series revolves around a hospital and various local businesses that are hotbeds of all the drama in the show. Nancy Lee Grahn has been portraying the character Alexis Davis, since 1996. In season 58, celebrating 25 years of her involvement, a shocking event in the storyline has gotten the fans worried that it might be the end of the road for Grahn’s character Alexis. So, is Nancy Lee Grahn leaving the show? Let’s took a look!

What Happened to Alexis Davis?

We know that in episode 145 of season 58, Alexis attempts to stab Franco with a syringe and accidentally stabs Dante when he tries to stop her. Following this, Dante is in critical condition as the syringe contained a lethal dose of lidocaine. After the incident, she is charged with assault and later pleads guilty. In episode 190 of season 58, Alexis is sentenced to three years in prison. In this special episode dedicated to Grahn, we also learn more about Alexis’ backstory and what leads her to do what she does.

Therefore, going forward in the show, it seems that Alexis will be spending time at the Pentonville Penitentiary instead of Port Charles. Before Alexis heads to serve time in prison, she is shaken by what her life has become. We learn that she reflects on her abusive childhood and realizes that the best way forward is to find a purpose while she is in prison. This is why she starts to use her legal knowledge to help other prisoners with their cases. Since Alexis is serving time in prison, does it suggest that Nancy Lee Grahn is exiting the series?

Is Nancy Lee Grahn Leaving General Hospital?

Usually, when a character is sent away, it indicates that they might be written off. Naturally, fans took to social media to express their concerns regarding Nancy Lee Grahn’s potential exit from ‘General Hospital.’ Fortunately, they were relieved to know that Grahn is not leaving the series as the actress herself confirmed it. She reassured the fans that although Alexis is going through a difficult time in the show, she will be back.


It seems that the series will elaborate on Alexis’ experience in prison. Her interactions with Maggie and Shawn Butler present an opportunity to take the character’s story further. While Sydney Walsh has been cast to portray the role of Maggie, Sean Blakemore is returning as Shawn Butler. However, Grahn also reminded her fans that ‘General Hospital’ is an opera; therefore, many things happen in the fictional universe that would not happen in reality. This could also hint that Alexis might not be in prison for as long as one would think.

All said and done, fans of Alexis and ‘General Hospital’ can heave a sigh of relief because the series shows no signs of slowing down, and Nancy Lee Grahn has no intentions of retiring from the series anytime soon. In another response to a fan (above), the talented star said she would have to be dragged out “kicking and screaming.” So we will be seeing Grahn on the show for a long time to come!

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