Nefarious: Is the Movie Inspired by a Real Serial Killer?

Nefarious’ is a horror thriller that centers on a convicted serial killer who starts to bluff on the day of his execution. He claims to be a demonic entity and has an atheist psychiatrist in a chokehold. Moreover, he also predicts how the psychiatrist himself will commit three murders. They almost dismiss his tantrum until he begins to display real signs of insanity and possession.

The movie is helmed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, with brilliant performances from Sean Patrick Flannery, Jordan Belfi, and James Healy Jr. If you wish to learn about the lore and stories behind this cinematic piece and wonder if any of it is based on true events, then here’s all you need to know.

Nefarious is a Fictional Story

No, ‘Nefarious’ is not based on a true story. It is a fictional tale inspired by Steve Deace’s book, ‘A Nefarious Plot.’ It was turned into a fine screenplay by talented writers like Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon. Most of the movie’s themes are rooted in Christian theology, and author Steve described his book’s central plotline as a “demonic takedown of an entire culture.” The filmmakers were focused on Christian filmmaking and deemed Steve’s book to be the perfect blend for their ambitious project.

In the interview, they further discussed how the movie was similar to the book ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs.’ ‘Nefarious’ seemingly tells the viewer more about the origin of the book and paints a more vivid picture of the demon. The marketing of the film is intentional in catering to the “young Pagan unbelieving horror audience” and slowly lures the viewers into the faith side of the story. Moreover, the narrative draws a lot of inspiration from biblical texts to get its message across.

In another interview, Sean Flannery, who essays the character of Nefarious, spoke about how well-written he thought the script was and how he prepared for such a multifaceted role. He said, “As an actor, you have to have the ability to switch back and forth instantaneously, but it wasn’t a random chance. I mean, I am not stroking Chuck and Carrie when I say they are two of the best screenwriters in the city of Los Angeles.”

The movie is quite similar to Peter William Sutcliffe’s case. A series titled ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ was made about his heinous acts, which involved the murder of 13 women. Later, he claimed that God advised him to commit crimes. In both cases, the killer claims to have an influence by supernatural powers, with the possibility of having a mental illness. ‘The Night Stalker’ is another film created around a serial rapist and murderer who was inspired by a demonic entity, i.e., Satan.

In an interview, Steve stated that he invested in the film because he believes that persuasion can only happen through storytelling in the contemporary world. He articulated, “I do think media, academia, the lines are drawn. There’s no persuasion that can happen there anymore. Everybody’s gone to their sides. Storytelling is the last place left, I think, where persuasion and real persuasion can happen.”

In conclusion, ‘Nefarious’ is not a true story but an attempt to enlighten the world about Christian ideologies and the lingering threat to the culture. The plot junctures resemble the stories of many iconic movies and devious real-life killers, and the outstanding performances truly make every second worthwhile.

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