Netflix’s Community Squad: Is the Argentinian Series Rooted in Reality?

Created by Santiago Korovsky, Netflix’s ‘Community Squad,’ AKA ‘División Palermo,’ is an Argentinian comedy crime series that has its own spin on the concept of urban protection. In order to bolster their image, the police decide to assemble a group of people to be a part of the city’s new urban guard. Each member of this team is either a part of a minority community or has a physical disability. Despite the reason behind their conception, these people try their best to safeguard the citizens, even when they have to confront some highly unusual criminals.

The show’s unique concept, combined with its on-point humor, has helped it become a fan favorite. With an excellent set of cast members, the characters within the series easily captivate the attention of the viewers, who cannot help but cheer this unconventional group of people. However, it has also made many people wonder if the story is simply a work of fiction or based on true events. If you are wondering about the same thing, worry not because we have your back!

Community Squad’s Exciting Tale Can be Credited to its Creator

No, ‘Community Squad’ is not based on a true story. That being said, the show was created by Santiago Korovsky, who even stars in the series as Felipe Rozenfeld, a Jewish man. He teamed up with Diego Nuñez Irigoyen to direct the first season, with a variety of writers working hard as part of the writing team. Despite being a piece of fiction, it is easy to see how much the show is inspired by real-life elements and the ever-evolving concept of diversity.

On the one hand, the show is a simple story of an underdog team going on a mission against hardened criminals for the sake of the betterment of people. However, the Argentinian show uses this beloved and often-seen trope in a way to talk about the various societal issues that plague the world in the modern world. The inclusion of themes like diversity and prejudice gives the show an edge that makes the story far more complicated than the trope makes it out to be.

The conversation surrounding the topic of diversity is quite complicated. As the world progresses towards becoming more inclusive, the prejudices that run deep in society are hard to tackle, as seen in the show. The series easily pokes fun at how the hiring of people from overlooked parts of our community is sometimes only with the motive of bolstering public image. The people hired on to the squad are given the opportunity, not because of their qualifications but because their presence might allow law enforcement to present a more inclusive image of themselves.

Unfortunately, the rampant prejudice and ignorance also mean that people also do not consider their assigned protectors to be capable of their jobs simply because they do not fall into the definition of being conventionally “normal.” Despite the numerous hilarious scenes that are borne from this particular thought process, it also alludes to how society often perceives those who do not fit into the box of being “ordinary.”

Most of the protagonists are earnest in their efforts to fulfill their duties, despite the reasons behind their employment. However, that does not stop the world around them from not believing in their ability to do their job. This can easily be considered a reflection of how things work in the real world, as many people around the world are judged simply for standing out from the crowd of the majority. Similarly, it is not unknown that organizations try to appear inclusive by focusing more on people’s status as minority members rather than qualifications.

This, in turn, is harmful to people within such groups as their hard-earned qualifications are considered secondary simply because the company they want to join has paid more attention to their physicality or ethnicity rather than focusing on things that make them truly suitable for the job. Moreover, even when they are qualified for their jobs, people often suspect them to have been hired for their jobs for external reasons.

In all, ‘Community Squad’ artfully talks about these issues in a way that is both humorous and thought-provoking. Seeing just how harmful prejudice and underestimation can be to people is something that is certainly a topic of discussion. It is easy to see that the showmakers make use of these real-life societal struggles and incorporate them in a story that is both funny and thrilling in order to maintain the attention of the audience.

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