Netflix’s Community Squad: All Shooting Locations of the Series

Created by Santiago Korovsky, Netflix’s ‘Community Squad’  is an Argentinian crime comedy series that follows a group of ordinary civilians who are recruited to form a patrol squad to not just serve the community but also to improve the bad image of the police force among the citizens. However, things get hilariously complicated for the group when they come face to face with a notorious criminal gang consisting of several drug traffickers and put their lives at risk.

Originally titled ‘División Palermo,’ the comedy show features impressive onscreen performances from talented actors, including Santiago Korovsky, Daniel Hendler, Pilar Gamboa, Martín Garabal, and Marcelo Subiotto. While the different personalities of the people in the patrol squad keep the viewers entertained through each episode, the use of different locations makes one wonder where ‘Community Squad’ is actually filmed. Well, if you are one such curious soul, we have got you covered!

Community Squad Filming Locations

‘Community Squad’ is filmed in Argentina, particularly in Buenos Aires. According to reports, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the crime comedy show commenced in March 2022 and seemingly wrapped up in May of the same year. Situated in the southern half of South America, Argentina is the second largest country in the continent in terms of area. It is considered a regional power and still holds its status as a middle power in international affairs. Now, without much ado, let’s dive right into all the specific sites that feature in the Netflix series!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Community Squad’ are lensed in and around Buenos Aires, the capital and primate city of Argentina. From what we can gather, the filming unit travels across the city to record different scenes, both interiors as well as exteriors, against suitable backdrops. Moreover, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise if they even utilize the facilities of one of the film studios in the capital to shoot some key scenes for the series.

Located on the western shore of the Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires is not just known for its rich cultural life but also for its preserved eclectic European architecture, which you can notice in the backdrop of some scenes. Being the commercial, financial, and industrial center of the country, Buenos Aires’ economy is driven by numerous sectors. However, tourism plays one of the most significant roles, as millions of tourists visit the city each year.

Living up to its nickname, The Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is home to quite a few popular tourist attractions and landmarks. Some of them are Patio Bullrich, Abasto de Buenos Aires, the Plaza de Mayo, the Catedral Metropolitana, and the Academia Nacional de la Historia. Interestingly enough, the capital has hosted the production of various film projects over the years, including ‘Focus,’ ‘Wild Tales,’ ‘The One in Charge,’ and ‘The Heist of the Century.’

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