8 Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

Too much of anything can be bad and the consequences of too much of drugs, that’s something we are all familiar with. Not all of us have tried these drugs, but cinema has shown us the most graphic and disturbing images of drug addictions in movies like ‘Requiem for a Dream‘, ‘The Basketball Diaries’, and these are just a few examples. Addiction is more or less of a disease of its own and has the capability of destroying lives and ruining families when it gets in the way of our simple day-to-day activities.

But drugs are not portrayed in a negative light all the time. Sometimes movies just show a bunch of teenagers having the time of their lives under the influence of drugs and alcohol and it’s fun to watch that as well unless it does not influence us in a wrong way. But drug abuse is not confined to being “medicated” or “stoned”. You could be “on meds” (prescription medicines) and still be a drug addict of some sort and this too has been discussed in one of the entries below.

Now maybe you just want to get high and have some fun watching a movie about stoned teenagers or you want something educational that’ll make you more aware about the consequences of taking drugs; whatever it is, we have you covered. Here’s the list of really good drug movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now. The list includes drug smuggling movies, substance abuse movies and drug dealer movies.

8. Rolling Papers (2015)

On January 1, 2014, recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado which gained immense popularity and weed was literally bursting out of dispensaries. This rise in the use of the recreational drug’s legal use also gave new opportunities to dying journalism-based sources of media. The Denver post took advantage of this opportunity and started the world’s first section on the newspaper for “pot” that went by the name The Cannabist. Ricardo Basa was the first cannabis section editor in the world who went on to employ a team of staff writers and offbeat freelancers.

The Cannabis had everything from policy-related news to weed recipes to parenting advice and guides for the usage of weed. All this gave birth to a field of journalism that was never heard of before this — Pot Journalism. This documentary covers this journey of pot journalism; an opportunity that was used to its full potential by The Denver Post.

7. Heroin(e) (2017)

This documentary tells the story of a town in West Virginia where heroin addiction and overdose is no less than an epidemic. With an overdose rate that is 10 times more than average the city of Huntington is threatened by something that may spread even further down to generations like wildfire. Filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon captures a different side of this drug war where three women are out on a mission to break this drug cycle forever. What makes this documentary important is the bravery that it portrays of three women who are out there making a difference without expecting anything in return.

6. Countdown to Death: Pablo Escobar (2017)

Pablo Escobar is a name we are all familiar with. Also known as the “king of cocaine”, he was considered to be the wealthiest criminal in history. This documentary traces down the last nine years of this drug king through exclusive interviews, wiretap recordings and also the rarest never seen before imagery. All this has been put together to narrate all the years of his life that finally led up to this death. The film is the ultimate countdown of his life in an hour that not only covers his life as a drug smuggler but also dwells deep into his family life as a father and how he may even be the hero of his own story to an extent.

5. The Drug King (2018)

This film is set in Busan, South Korea where Leo Doo-sam is ‘The Drug King’ and has built an impeccable empire around his smuggling business. His drug business has its foundation spread deep within the roots of the underworld. But that does not mean that he cannot be touched. Public prosecutor Kim In-goo is determined to hunt him down and look for a way in through man’s insatiable thirst to keep growing. The lead actor of the film does a great job playing his character along with a few other stars of the movie who have also done well. The only problem with this one is that at times it feels like it has been extended far too long and loses its direction.

4. Divines (2016)

‘Divines’ revolves around a teenager who lives in the outskirts of Paris. Driven by an extreme urge to succeed and seek instant gratification, she decides to become a runner for a drug dealer. But her life starts to change when she meets a young dancer who shows her a life full of new and better opportunities. This French film is absolutely amazing and the actors do a phenomenal job. The film’s depiction of life is so real that you will find yourself laughing when the characters of the film do and crying when they cry. A must-watch film in this genre, especially if you are a fan of French Cinema.

3. 6 Balloons (2018)

‘6 Balloons’ tells the story of a young mother named Katie who notices that her brother Seth (Dave Franco) has relapsed on his heroin addiction. The film follows the journey of Katie, her little daughter, and Seth who drive through the night looking for a rehab center. Dave Franco shows a very realistic depiction of a drug addict which will even terrify you at times. He apparently lost 20lbs for his role in this movie to look like an actual drug addict. Even the lead female Abbi Jacobson shows displays solid acting skills with her character in the film.

Most of the reviews for this film are slightly misleading and have really downgraded it from what it actually is. It is worth a watch and actually sucks you deep inside the emotions of a family dealing with the drug addiction of one of its members. This indie flick is definitely for you if you’re looking for a movie in this genre that portrays reality, instead of showing unwanted drama, and has a mindful narrative that can even be relatable for those who have experienced these addictions before.

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2. Green in Gold (2016)

‘Green is Gold’ is the story of a young boy who is forced to move in with his elder brother after his father is sent to prison. But his elder brother seems to be involved in activities that could potentially lead to bigger problems in the future. His backyard pot dealing could land him into some big trouble because of which the young boy could lose the only family he has left. This is one of those great movies on Netflix that are not watched because no one really talks about them. But it sure hits home with its great acting and narrative that show nothing but real life scenarios. The way each character has been subtly developed through the film really allows you to absorb what each of them feels and that adds a lot more value to the storyline.

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1. Take Your Pills (2018)

Every generation has a pill and so does this one. Adderall and Ritalin abuse has become extremely common these days in this fast-paced world where everyone is competing with one another. These pills were once only for kids with a small attention span but now are being used by everyone from college students to Wall Street employees. But no one’s really thinking about the long term consequences of these drugs. In a quest to become “Limitless“, we are slowly losing ourselves to the grind.

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