Netflix’s Love to Hate You: Is the Series Inspired by a True Story?

Netflix’s romantic series ‘Love to Hate You’ revolves around Yeo Mi-ran, a strong-willed and independent woman who hates men. The highly competitive Mi-ran tries her best to defeat the men around her regardless of the circumstances. Her life turns wild when she meets Nam Kang-ho, who is highly suspicious of women and their actions. The Korean series progresses through Mi-ran and Kang-ho’s efforts to teach each other a lesson, only to learn more about their “enemy” and eventually form an endearing bond. The intriguing love story makes one wonder whether the couple’s heartwarming tale is based on actual events. Well, let us provide the answer!

Love to Hate You is a Fictional Show

No, ‘Love to Hate You’ is not based on a true story. The narrative of the fictional Korean series, directed by Kim Jung-kwon, was conceived by screenwriter Choi Soo-young. Although the story is fictitious, it explores themes that are highly rooted in reality, especially patriarchal notions that exist in the world, irrespective of national boundaries.

Mi-ran hates men because of the privileges they enjoy in a highly competitive world. As a woman, she faces several challenges and obstacles to gain or garner anything she deserves while a group of men, because of their gender, occupy positions and luxuries despite being unworthy of the same. Mi-ran’s struggles must be relatable for a group of women worldwide. She tries her best to defeat such patriarchal notions by leading an enviable life, better than her male colleagues and other men who are part of her life.

Through Mi-ran, Jung-kwon and Soo-young explore the conflicts present in any society concerning gender. Kang-ho, on the other hand, is someone immersed in prejudices. He hates and suspects women for the same reason, leading him to stand against and distrust Mi-ran when they meet and get acquainted. Kang-ho’s storyline is also commendably relatable since prejudice, especially concerning women, is, unfortunately, an unignorable part of our reality. According to Kim Ok-bin, who plays Mi-ran, the series is a romantic comedy that explores the universal notions of “respect and understanding.”

Mi-ran tries to “conquer” Kang-ho by seducing him since she sees him only as another man in a male-dominated society. On the other hand, he tries to teach her a lesson due to his distrust of women. But as they grow closer, they learn about each other’s admirable qualities, eventually making them respect and understand one another. They start to value each other, which also becomes the foundation of their romantic bond.

In addition, Kim Ok-bin described the series as a “healing” romantic comedy. Ultimately, ‘Love to Hate You’ is about how Mi-ran and Kang-ho heal each other’s traumas by overcoming their misunderstandings and prejudices. They seek comfort in love, strengthening their bond and respect towards one another. The couple resolves a series of misconceptions, which makes their life easier and their relationship appealing. The conflicts Mi-ran and Kang-ho face are a part of reality as well. Thus, it is safe to say that the series gives clarity concerning one’s nature and behavior.

The viewers may find Mi-ran and Kang-ho in themselves or in people they are acquainted with. ‘Love to Hate You’ is not a fairy tale. It is an affecting series about two flawed individuals who try their best to overcome their flaws with the intentional or unintentional help of the other. If we look around, it may not be difficult to find such admirable individuals, and that’s how the show’s fictional story is connected to reality.

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