Miss Adrenaline A Tale of Twins: Is the Netflix Show Inspired by Real-Life?

Originally titled ‘Romina Poderosa,’ Netflix’s ‘Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins’ is a Colombian drama show directed by Herney Luna and Rafael Martínez. The show features Juanita Molina as the lead protagonist, alongside Fernando Arévalo and Emmanuel Esparza. The story revolves around the titular character Romina Páez, a daredevil adventurous biker. Well into her adulthood, she discovers she has an identical twin sister, Laura Vélez, who got separated from her at birth.

However, shortly after their reunion, The Chitiva brothers and their criminal gang murder Laura after mistaking her for her sister. As a result, Romina, driven by a thirst for the truth, assumes her twin’s identity and uncovers numerous deadly secrets of the past in pursuit of revenge for Laura’s death. The show charts an enthralling tale full of mystery, crime, and plenty of interpersonal drama between characters. Despite the story’s emotionally charged premise, the characters, crime setting, and relatable storylines may lead viewers to wonder if ‘Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins’ is based on true events.

Miss Adrenaline A Tale of Twins is a Fictional Story

The show is a work of fiction created by the various minds behind the creative team. As a telenovela, the show’s primary source of authenticity emerges from its focus on the dramatic yet entertaining unfolding of the relationships between different characters. Since this series starts within complicated familial relationships, the same becomes the narrative’s subject of exploration.

Alternatively, by having Romina in Laura’s shoes, the show also depicts the socioeconomic divide between different classes and how it affects their lives on a daily basis. Furthermore, the show also pays attention to the criminal underworld, as presented by the Chitiva brothers, and their adverse influence on their surroundings. Yet, since neither Romina, Laura, nor the Chitiva brothers have firm roots in reality, they are only dramatizations of real-life situations.

Still, the cruel and dangerous picture that the Chitiva Brothers paint as notorious loan sharks out to ruin people’s lives represents a significant issue plaguing Latin America. According to Insight Crime, Colombia oversaw a massive inflation in micro-loan Mafias a few years ago. They possess organizational structures and employ violence to carry out their business. While this issue is not exclusive to Colombia, including the same helps the show build its roots in real life. As such, the show certainly shines some light on reality and may propose a relatable reflection for some viewers.

Similarly, although Romina’s character possesses a wild base storyline centering around a long-lost twin, several other aspects of her character, like her outspoken, driven nature, help authenticate her character. As for her unconventional identical twin storyline, viewers may find it off-beat but still reminiscent of other popular media. Movies like the 1998 comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan, ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘Twitches’ with Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry-Housley are two of the most memorable films that employ similar tropes.

Still, both films equip the long-lost-twin trope paired with the twin-swap storyline to tell a comedic and light-hearted tale. However, ‘Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins’ picks a more serious and dramatic tone while utilizing similarly familiar cliches. As such, the series is able to bring something new to the table without sacrificing originality. At the same time, it still infuses the base storyline with something known to build a sense of familiarity within the audience.

In the same vein, characters such as Sergio Vélez, steeped in moral ambiguity, also further the show’s emotional narrative while encouraging the viewers to connect with the storyline on a deeper level. Ultimately, ‘Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins’ is not based on a true story. The show’s more eccentric beats set it firmly within its fictionality, where specific elements and plotlines parallel real life, reflecting relatable circumstances and personalities. Therefore, the events and characters explored within the narrative have no connections to real-life people or events.

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