Is Netflix’s Summer Job Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘Summer Job’ follows an interesting premise wherein a group of affluent but spoilt young adults is brought together to spend a month in a seaside villa in Mexico. However, unbeknownst to them, the show entails that each participant has to involve themselves in a summer job in order to earn the stay. At the end of each week, each contestant receives a paycheck, which, if empty, puts them in danger of elimination by public vote. Eventually, the last one standing is crowned the winner and offered a handsome amount of money.

Although ‘Summer Job’ has been marketed as an unscripted reality show, we cannot blame viewers for doubting its authenticity. For starters, the show mentions that the cast members were lured in by the promise of a luxurious vacation, making one question if no one knew what they were signing up for. Moreover, while a few of the interactions seem artificial, viewers might have wondered how the contestants aren’t fired from their jobs on the first day after showcasing a huge level of incompetence. If you have ever wondered if ‘Summer Job’ is real or fake, fret not because we come bearing answers!

Is Summer Job Real Or Fake?

From the very beginning, Netflix has touted ‘Summer Job’ as an unscripted TV show, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. Readers should note that the rules of an unscripted TV show do not allow the producers to interrupt the narrative at any given time. Besides, such shows do not follow a specific script and do not re-enact any pre-recorded or pre-rehearsed scene in front of the camera. However, even though most decisions taken by the contestants are spontaneous and independent, most reality show makers try to make minor tweaks to increase the drama factor.

While the premise of the Netflix show might appear pre-planned to many, it is pretty apparent that the twist of having to work in order to earn a place in the house takes all the contestants by shock. As seen in the inaugural season, while a few submitted to the rules and accepted their fate, none failed to speak up about the “betrayal” and even went so far as to claim they would have never appeared on the show if they knew the truth. They were also pretty open about their disgust for jobs, and their unperturbed, as well as careless behavior, was made clear through their lack of commitment on the first workday.

Besides, as an added note of authenticity, all the workplaces featured on the show are real businesses in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. On the other hand, the contestants are authentic in their interpersonal interactions and never hesitate to speak out when some begin overspending from the final jackpot. Even the friendships and romances that develop between the group seem quite authentic, and some contestants are naturally left heartbroken when connections fail to work out.

Meanwhile, the bosses are also very straightforward and curt in their interactions, often calling out a contestant if they make a mistake and giving them proper feedback at the end of a shift. With that being said, readers should note that the production team steps in from time to time, especially when assigning cast members to different jobs. Additionally, the crew also sends out occasional offers to the group where they can spend some money from their final jackpot in exchange for a much sought-after luxury.

On top of it, all TV shows are created to earn money, and a dramatic narrative is sure to attract more viewers than a straightforward one. Hence, makers often influence the narrative primarily through minor modifications in post-processing. Yet, keeping this aside, viewers can rest assured that Netflix’s ‘Summer Job’ is as authentic as a reality show can be.

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