Is Nurses Based on a True Story?

‘Nurses’ is a 2020 Canadian medical drama series that revolves around five nurses who work at St.Mary’s Hospital, a busy medical establishment in downtown Toronto. The five nurses – Grace Knight, Ashley Collins, Keon Colby, Nazneen Khan, and Wolf Burke – dedicate their lives to helping others but also take some time out of their hectic schedules to be there for each other.

As they tackle high-stakes situations that require urgent handling on a daily basis, Grace, Ashley, Keon, Naz, and Wolf bond with the doctors they assist and emotionally connect with the patients they care for. But is the story of ‘Nurses’ based on real incidents? Let’s find out.

Is Nurses Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Nurses’ is not based on a true story. The creators of this medical drama series have never claimed that the stories shown on the show are based on or inspired by any real-life events. In each episode of the Global TV series, the five nurses take on new and varied challenges as each day at the hospital brings new patients and harrowing situations that push them to deliver their absolute best. The storyline tests the main characters’ patience, resilience, responsiveness, and presence of mind in the face of an emergency.

It’s not just the patients the nurses have to care for; their job also requires them to be there for the distraught family members. In one of the episodes, Grace struggles with an ethical dilemma when she has to tend to the wounds of a man who is behind a vicious vehicle-ramming attack. She chooses to help the patient, regardless of his actions. One of the other nurses keeps a single pregnant woman company and makes her feel less lonely. Another one shares personal secrets with a patient in order to connect better with her. Ashley is devastated when she is unable to save a patient.

Not every patient they handle leaves the hospital healthy and happy, but the nurses have to put their brave faces on and keep helping others, just like the nurses in the real world. While the show itself is not based on any true stories, it is still relatable on a basic human level. The emotions that the characters exhibit and the struggles they go through in the show seem genuine. If you’ve ever been in a hospital for any amount of time, you know that a friendly and caring nurse can be a boon.

While doctors are mostly impersonal and detached, patients often turn to their nurses for comfort and support. Sometimes, it also falls on the nurses to lend a sympathetic ear to grieving family members. The job of a nurse is not easy as it requires a strength of character that not everyone has. Only people who genuinely care about others and have the selfless ability to put their patients’ needs before their own are suitable for this career. So, while ‘Nurses’ may not be based on true stories, it certainly is an uplifting show that drives home the truth that truly empathetic human beings still do exist in the world.

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