Where Is Nurses Filmed?

People cannot get enough of medical drama, and shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘The Good Doctor,’ ‘Transplant,’ and ‘Chicago Med’ are proof. ‘Nurses’ is another addition to the genre that graces the screens of a large number of adoring fans. The series revolves around a group of five nurses at St. Mary’s Hospital as they struggle to manage their lives alongside their demanding jobs. What sets this show apart from others is that it is set in Toronto, giving us a teeny-tiny peek into the Canadian healthcare system. If you are wondering if it is also filmed in Toronto, then you are in the right place!

Nurses Filming Locations

‘Nurses’ is filmed on location in Toronto, Ontario. Usually, Toronto stands in for other cities in series and movies, but this show is unique precisely because the show is not just set but also shot in downtown Toronto. Without further delay, let us get to the details of the filming locations!

Toronto, Ontario

‘Nurses’ is shot extensively in Toronto, the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is specifically filmed at Tedlo Film Studios at 2480 Tedlo Street, in the suburb of Mississauga, bordering Toronto, in Ontario. The studio property occupies 60,000 square feet, of which 55,000 sq. ft. is the production space, while 5,000 sq. ft. is the office space. The filming for season 2 had started before the pandemic hit the world. But like all the other productions, it had to pause and only resume filming in July 2020 after the lockdown was lifted.

When the team resumed filming season 2 late in July, it was the first TV series to begin filming in Toronto after the lockdown and only the second in Canada. Fortunately, the production could continue without a hassle because the precautionary measures ensured that no one got infected. Comprising a backlot, make-up, and wardrobe storage, the studio is a one-stop solution for various productions, no matter the scale. The notable credits of the studio are ‘Saving Hope’ and ‘The Detail.’

An extremely detailed hospital set has been specifically created for filming ‘Nurses,’ as you can see in the Instagram post by the production designer John Dondertman. The majority of the action is focused inside the hospital, and for this reason, intricate details have been taken care of. The set includes nursing stations, labs, meeting rooms, patient rooms, and the admissions desk.

The production team for the show has previously worked on ‘Saving Hope.’ Therefore, it was not hard to source medical equipment, given the team’s well-established associations with the medical industry. You will also find it interesting to know that nurse consultants are present on set during filming to guide the actors and maintain authenticity to the script.

Characters often hang out at a diner between their shifts. The fictional diner is a set built by the production team, but the diner’s setting is inspired by the Skyline diner on 1426 Queen Street West.

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