Is Perry Yung’s Father Jun Leaving Warrior?

Portrayed by Perry Yung, Father Jun is an important character in the Max (previously, Cinemax) martial arts period drama series ‘Warrior.’ When the story begins, he is the head of the Hop Wei tong in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It’s the most powerful tong in the city, and its members are recognized by their Western clothing. Shortly after Ah Sahm arrives in America looking for his older sister, he is recruited in the Hop Wei Tong and begins working under Father Jun, becoming the tong’s most feared fighter. Father Jun eventually loses control of the tong following a coup by Yong Jun and Ah Sahm. If the events of season 3 have made you wonder whether Perry Yung’s Father Jun is leaving ‘Warrior,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Father Jun?

‘Warrior’ season 3 episode 6 begins with a meeting between the heads of Hop Wei and Long Zii to discuss the terms of their new deal. With Mai Ling’s help, Ah Sahm stopped Young Jun’s deportation, and now, the Hop Wei must share half of their counterfeit money profit with the rival tong. In exchange, Long Zii provides a space for printing money,

Later, Father Jun suggests that the tong should deal with the Germans outside the town. They have a silver mine, and Hop Wei can buy that silver in exchange for their fake notes. After some deliberation, Ah Sahm and Young Jun agree to venture out of the city, leaving Hong in charge of the operation while they are gone.

The Germans turn out to be as unsettling as Ah Sahm has feared. They do drugs, use a church as the base of their operation, and brutally exploit their Chinese workforce. The entire operation is run by the Krüger brothers, whose father used to have business dealings with Father Jun. Eventually, the brothers and Hop Wei agree to exchange fake notes and silver in a 4:1 ratio. Afterward, the Krügers invite their guests to stay for the night and enjoy themselves.

Later in the evening, Ah Sahm and Young Jun catch the younger Krüger brother and his men tormenting a Chinese boy, accusing him of stealing. A fight nearly breaks out, but Lukas Krüger, the leader of the operation, intervenes. As they leave the following day, Ah Sahm, Young Jun, and Father Jun are horrified to discover that the boy from the previous night has been killed, and his body has been put on display with the word “thief” written on it. As an enraged Ah Sahm goes to confront the Germans, Young Jun and Father Jun reluctantly follow. Although they succeed in winning the fight and killing every member of the Krüger gang, including Lukas, Father Jun gets shot, leaving his future in the narrative of ‘Warrior’ uncertain.

Perry Yung Remains Part of Warrior Series

Perry Yung has been part of the cast since the beginning of the series. Even when it seems that his character has been written out of the story, he always returns. If Father Jun dies now, it will create a rift between Young Jun and Ah Sahm, which might even lead to a violent conflict in the future. Young Jun will likely blame the other man for his father’s death, arguing that his father wouldn’t have gotten shot if Ah Sahm didn’t initiate the fight. But to be fair, he can use the same argument even if Father Jun survives.

Yung is a veteran actor who has been active in the industry since 1999. He has appeared in projects such as ‘Gotham,’ ‘The Knick,’ ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ and ‘The Harvest.’ He is slated to appear in the upcoming film ‘Sonny Boy.’

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