Is Professor Alex Finnerty Kitty’s Brother? Who is His Father?

Netflix’s ‘XO, Kitty’ follows the story of the youngest Song Covey sister, who moves to Korea after enrolling in the same school her mother attended. Kitty is ready for new adventures in her life, and going to KISS is the opportunity for her to find out more about her mother, who died when Kitty was still an infant. Every story she has heard about her mother comes from her father or sisters. This makes Kitty feel like there is no part of her mother that she keeps to herself. That is until she moves to Korea.

Looking into her mother’s teenage years in KISS, Kitty makes shocking discoveries. One of them leads her to a hospital where she believes her mother gave birth to a child. Who was the child, and what was his true parentage? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Alex is Not Kitty’s Half-Brother

Image Credit: Park Young-Sol/Netflix

Going through her mother’s things from her time in Korea, Kitty discovers a bracelet that indicates that she was a patient in a hospital in Seoul where she gave birth to a child. This makes Kitty curious because there is nothing that she knows about her mother’s time in Seoul, and as far as she knows, her mother didn’t fall in love with anyone before meeting her father. However, having a child means that Eve did fall in love, and Kitty has a half-brother out there somewhere.

Sneaking into the hospital’s records, Kitty discovers that the child was given up for adoption and was taken in by a couple from Australia. This narrows down things to another continent, making Kitty wonder how she’ll ever find her half-brother. But then, she notices her teacher, Alex Finnerty. He is of Korean descent and moved from Australia to teach at KISS. He also reveals that his parents are white, which means he was adopted.

Because Alex checks all the boxes, from his birthdate to where he went after adoption, Kitty is convinced he is the half-brother she’d been looking for. However, digging deeper into her mother’s past, Kitty discovers she might have misinterpreted the situation. Alex is not Kitty’s half-brother but Yuri’s.

The Story Behind Alex’s Birth

Image Credit: Park Young-Sol/Netflix

When Eve came to study in Korea, she made many friends, one of whom was Jina, who now serves as the principal of KISS. Jina fell in love with Lee, and she got pregnant. Around the same time, Lee got to go to America to study at a conservatory. Jina knew telling Lee about the pregnancy would keep him from following his dreams. So, she kept it a secret from him. When the time came to give birth to the child, Jina used Eve’s name instead of hers, creating confusion for Kitty.

Because she was still a teenager, Jina couldn’t have brought up a child alone, so she gave him up for adoption. Alex was taken to Australia by his new parents and spent the rest of his life there. He’d always been curious about his origins, but his parents didn’t know anything other than the place they adopted him from. He took a DNA test, which matched with a man, who turned out to be Professor Lee’s nephew.

Alex discovered that Lee was a teacher at KISS, so he applied there to get close to Lee. He wanted to know who his father was and whether he was someone Alex could have a relationship with. Alex didn’t know that Lee was completely unaware that he had a son. It wasn’t until Kitty figured out Alex’s identity and confused his mother with her own that the piece started to fall in place for Alex. Now, he had the chance to discover his mother’s identity.

At first, Alex also believed Eve was his biological mother. But later, Kitty notices a picture in her mother’s school yearbook and notices that she wasn’t pregnant at that time. Instead, her friend Jina was. She passes on this information to Alex, and later, he confronts Principal Jina about it. She is hesitant at first but confesses that she gave birth to him and that Lee is his father. Eventually, the truth comes out, and when Lee discovers that Alex is his son, he welcomes him with open arms. Jina, too, wants to have a relationship with her long-lost son, and Yuri is happy to have a sibling.

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