Kathy Levine: QVC Host Has Traveled the World With Husband Steve

Enhancing the shopping experience and enabling customers to find the best products, QVC features an array of items that cater to a wide range of customers. The free-to-air television network features shows and segments presenting items such as home decor, fashion, apparel, jewelry, appliances, and home improvement products. Kathy Levine is one of the hosts who has enthralled fans with her storytelling abilities. Naturally, fans have been curious to find out more about the star. So, if you also want to know more about the television personality, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Kathy Levine’s Childhood

With a unique understanding of the world, Kathy’s childhood had its ups and downs. Having been raised in a household with dual-working parents, she learned early how to fend for herself and make the best of difficult situations. Now in her 60s, Kathy consistently reminisces about her childhood and youth. Growing up, her resourcefulness aided her in different situations, but her lack of interest in the classroom made it difficult for the star to focus. Kathy had earned the nickname “Satellite” because she’d float around the room whenever something didn’t pique her curiosity.

Kathy enrolled in Long Island University to study Spanish and subsequently became a teacher in the language. However, her time at college was also rife with issues. Despite nearly flunking, Kathy managed to recoup her footing in college when she went to study abroad in Spain for a year. Having left her comfort zone, she could assimilate into the culture, speak fluently, and gain a renewed perspective of the world. These experiences helped her understand that her strengths lie outside the classroom. Cumulatively, these experiences geared Kathy in another direction post her graduation.

Kathy Levine’s Professional Journey

While a renewed outlook had helped Kathy understand that she doesn’t thrive in structure, paperwork, and routine, the star did have to face numerous battles initially. For a while, she held several stints that reported to horrible bosses. During this time, Kathy learned the value of her spirit and soul in the job market. Ultimately, she scored the position of Show Host after QVC opened in 1986 and was one of the few program hosts present on the day the channel was launched on November 24. Over the years, Kathy rose to the stature of a television personality and clocked more than $150 million in merchandise sales yearly.

While her burgeoning success as a host kept her busy, Kathy also decided to impart her skills to young people. In 2000, she left QVC and kickstarted her journey as a Sales Trainer and helped novice talent perfect their skills for on-camera sales, infomercials, and voiceovers. Apart from working as a TV shopping sales trainer, Kathy was the National Spokesperson for Nutrisystem and became the infomercial spokesperson for the brand.

In 2022, the TV host returned to QVC after conversing with Susan Schik, the Senior Vice President of the network. Having reigned as the face of the brand Diamonique, Kathy was once again to introduce Diamonique’s products on account of its 35th anniversary. Since then, Kathy has also returned to the network with her ‘Sunday Night Show.’

Kathy Levine’s Married Life

In addition to a blossoming career, Kathy enjoys marital bliss with her husband, Steve Levine. The couple has been married for more than 22 years and celebrate their love in endearing ways. For their 21st anniversary, Kathy’s husband snuck in yellow and red roses to surprise his wife. Not just this, the TV star also shared on Facebook that her husband gifted her a card with two otters snuggling that read, ‘Happy Anniversary to my Significant Otter.’

While love and respect have set the foundation for their relationship, Kathy and Steve value the levity that has strengthened their relationship over the years. The television personality values the vitality of relationships and has always made her family a priority. Over the years, Kathy and Steve have traveled the world for work and fun. When the couple isn’t engaged with their work commitments, they like to jet off to different places on their bicycles or play tennis. In addition to her remarkable growth on television, Kathy Levine enjoys bliss in her personal life. Naturally, we await to see all the milestones she will achieve!

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