Is Rebecca Aldridge Dead? Did Ming-Zhu Hii Leave La Brea?

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

NBC’s ‘La Brea’ is a complex time travel drama that raises more questions than the answers it offers to the audience. It weaves a complicated web of mysteries that lure the viewer further into its depths. Every character seems to be in the dark about what is actually going on around them. Stuck in a timeline to which they don’t belong, they are singularly focused on ensuring their survival and that of their loved ones. Everyone is motivated by these things, except one person: Rebecca Aldridge.

Unlike everyone else, Aldridge seems to be on a mission of her own and is ready to do whatever it takes to see it through. She seems to be the only person who has all the answers when it comes to sinkholes and time travel. It is believed that despite all her secrecy, she will eventually reveal all the mysteries. However, her sudden death in the fourth episode of Season 2 leaves one wondering whether her story has come to an end. Here’s what you should know about it.

Is Rebecca Aldridge Dead?

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

Time travel makes the concept of death more complicated than it usually is in other genres, and for a character as mysterious as Rebecca Aldridge, things can’t end so simply. While she has been around for a while now, there is still next to nothing that we know about her. We just know that she is a scientist, is somehow responsible for the sinkholes, knows exactly how everything is going to turn out, and never tells anyone more than they need to know.

In the second season, when she reunites with Gavin in 10,000 BC, she tells him that he has an important part to play in the events to come. She beseeches him to go with her to Lazarus, where they’ll find a portal that can bring Josh and Riley back from 1988. However, the dangerous situation at the clearing forces her to abandon her plan for a while and join Gavin in the quest to save his family. This is where she is attacked by a wolf and is gravely injured.

Considering that she had previously survived another fatal injury, it is believed that she might survive this one too. But this time, her wounds run too deep, and she is unable to recover. Before she can reveal all the secrets she’d promised, she dies. Considering that we actually see it happen, Aldridge is certainly dead. But does that mean that we won’t see her in ‘La Brea’ again? We wouldn’t be so sure about it just yet.

Did Ming-Zhu Hii Leave La Brea?

While Aldridge might be dead in 10,000 BC, there is still a good chance that we will see her again. She is one of the only characters who know what’s really going on and her unceremonious death in the midst of everything, just when the plot had started to thicken, doesn’t sit well with us. Also, the fact that she is still alive in other timelines means that we will surely see her again. Though how and when that’ll happen remains to be seen.

The fact that ‘La Brea’ isn’t done with Aldridge just yet is also confirmed by the fact that actress Ming-Zhu Hii’s departure from the show hasn’t been declared officially. Usually, actors take to their social media to say their goodbyes to the show and their characters. The fact that Hii hasn’t made any such posts proves that the death of her character doesn’t mean that she won’t return to play the role again. The actress, who has previously appeared in shows like ‘Halifax: Retribution’ and ‘Sisters’, isn’t, for now, indulged in any other huge project that might create a conflict with ‘La Brea’, which means that she is free to continue playing Aldridge.

Her character is also one of the most interesting ones in the show and it feels rather improbable that the creators of ‘La Brea’ would just kill her off for shock value, without addressing even a single mystery regarding her past and her motivations. The sheer number of questions that still surround her is grounds enough for ‘La Brea’ to bring back Aldridge, one way or another, and put the audience’s curiosity about her to rest before actually saying goodbye to her, once and for all.

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