Is Saanvi Gay or Bisexual in Manifest? Does She End Up With Alex?

In Netflix’s ‘Manifest,’ Dr. Saanvi Bahl’s life changes after she boards Flight 828, which mysteriously disappears for five and a half years. When it comes back, Saanvi discovers that the person she was in love with has moved on. While trying to make peace with the new reality, Saanvi dedicates herself to finding the truth behind the plane’s disappearance and what it has done to the passengers. The search for truth takes most of Saanvi’s life, with little time left to focus on her love life. Still, we get glimpses into her life before she boarded the plane. If you are wondering about her romantic life and what it means about her sexuality, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Saanvi’s Romantic Dynamics

In ‘Manifest,’ Saanvi has romantic entanglements with both men and women. This confirms that she is bisexual or pansexual. Her first major relationship is with another doctor, Alex. Saanvi and Alex met at the hospital, where Alex treated cancer patients, and Saanvi was involved in research to find a cure for their illness. They kept it a secret because Alex was married to Scott. She had a family, and her affair with Saanvi would upend everything.

Saanvi and Alex had planned to go to Jamaica together for a vacation, but Alex never showed up, so Saavi went alone. This broke her heart, and when she returned five years later, Alex decided not to contact her. Saanvi still had feelings for Alex, but when the latter explained that she couldn’t destroy her family for a fling, Saanvi decided to keep her distance. They briefly remained in contact while trying to help Zeke, but later, they drifted apart.

As Saanvi dove deeper into the research of the Callings and the Glow, she developed a friendship with Ben Stone. Initially, they had no romantic interests as Ben was married to Grace. The relationship between him and Saanvi developed purely out of mutual interests, where both wanted to get to the bottom of the truth. Grace dies in the finale of Season 3, which throws Ben into a spiral. Saanvi tries to help him out of it.

In the second half of Season 4, things get heated between them as Saanvi and Ben kiss. It was a ploy to keep themselves from being found out about their secret endeavor to solve a Calling. Later, however, when the Death Date is only a few days away, and there is nothing they can do, Saanvi feels incredibly helpless. In a moment of finding comfort in each other, they kiss and have sex.

Saanvi’s Confession of Love for Alex

Even though Saanvi sleeps with Ben, she later confesses that she is still in love with Alex. Ben, too, says that he loves his wife, Grace, and even though she is dead, he will never get over her. They admit that they love and respect each other, but what happened between them doesn’t change anything. It was just a moment of intimacy, and they didn’t want to think too much about it and complicate things.

On the Death Date, Flight 828 reappears, and all the passengers board it. As it takes flight, all the passengers receive judgment for their actions. Eleven people, including Angelina, turn to ashes. Saanvi also starts to burn from within, which she thinks is because of killing the Major. She accepts her fate, but the Divine forgives her, and like the rest of the passengers, she comes out of the plane and finds herself in 2013.

This is a new beginning for Saanvi because all the good and bad she’d done is erased now. She has all of her memories, but she can start anew. She has another surprise waiting for her when Alex shows up at the airport. She apologizes to Saanvi for not going to her with Jamaica and tells her that she wants them to be together. Saanvi forgives Alex for abandoning her and says it all happened for the best. Now that they have another chance at life and Alex is ready to pursue their relationship, they can be together. They still have a long way to go, as Alex still has a family, but she’s ready to figure that out with Saanvi.

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