Is Samuel García Dead in Infiesto? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s Spanish film ‘Infiesto’ centers around the reappearance of Saioa Blanco, who was kidnapped three months ago. While she recovers in a hospital upon getting found by the local police, inspectors Samuel García and Castro set out to find the kidnappers of the young girl. The investigation leads them to a series of kidnappings and supposed human sacrifices. Although they succeed in arresting accomplices Manuel Gómez and Santiago Marquina AKA the Demon, the main perpetrator who is known as the Prophet manages to stay away from the authorities. However, Samuel’s efforts to find the serial killer and kidnapper yield results but his life gets threatened due to the same. So, does he die? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Samuel García’s Tragic Fate

Yes, Samuel García is dead. Samuel and Castro find out that the mastermind behind the kidnappings, including Saioa’s, is the man who is known as the Prophet. Samuel shoots a gun at the Demon’s leg and nearly kills him to find out the Prophet’s real name but the accomplice succeeds in keeping it a secret. The inspector gets suspended for hurting the criminal in custody but the same doesn’t stop him from trying to find the kidnapper/murderer. That’s when Samuel notices Manuel and the Demon’s school photograph. He notices a teacher wearing a straw doll, a ritualistic object that was seen in several locations associated with Saioa’s kidnapping.

Samuel sets out to find out who the teacher is and meets Agent Ramos, who found Saioa and admitted her to a hospital with his patrol partner. Ramos identifies the man as the Prophet and offers to take the inspector to the man’s father’s house in Infiesto. Samuel, without realizing that Agent Ramos is the Prophet, accepts the offer and ends up at the serial killer’s house. Meanwhile, Saioa’s doctor Paz Nogueira notices the round scar/mark on the back of her patient and remembers that Lidia Vega has the same. Castro meets Lidia and talks about the mark. Lidia reveals that the mark was inflicted by the Prophet, whose last name is Ramos.

Castro connects the dots and realizes that Agent Ramos is the Prophet. She calls Samuel to inform the same but Ramos shoots him down before he could fire at the serial killer. Samuel would have been able to save his life if Castro was able to talk to Lidia a few minutes before she actually does. The inspector meets Lidia for the first time days before Samuel’s death as the latter suspiciously stands near the inspector’s office building. If Castro has been persistent about knowing the reason behind Lidia’s suspicious presence at the place, she would have been able to capture Ramos much earlier, avoiding Samuel’s death along with the arrest of the serial killer.

Furthermore, if it hasn’t taken around a week for Nogueira to see Saioa’s mark, Samuel and Castro may have been able to talk to Lidia much earlier and together. They may have captured the serial killer days before Samuel encounters Ramos as he sets out to find the man in the photograph. Samuel’s death can also be seen as the result of the trust Ramos builds with the two inspectors, especially by admitting Saioa to the hospital. He offers his desire and commitment to help the inspectors, which may have led Samuel to join the serial killer to go to the serial killer’s house without waiting for Castro, which paves the way for the inspector’s death.

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