Is Sasha Dead? Why Did Gabi Kill Sasha?

Season 4 of ‘Attack on Titan’ is a gift that keeps on giving. From the war to the epic showdown between Eren and the Marleyan titans, we have seen multiple narratives unfold on our screens. However, there is one event in particular that we know has shattered the hearts of millions everywhere: the death of Sasha. How and why did this happen, and what are Gabi’s motives for doing so? Here are a few ideas that we’d like to share with you.

Is Sasha Dead?

Yes, Sasha is dead. A tearful Connie breaks the news to everyone, just as Gabi and Falco learn that Zeke is responsible for the event that has destroyed their beloved hometown in Marley. The episode is full of shocking moments that will, forevermore, change the lives of the protagonists. Needless to say, Sasha’s death is one such event.

We have been seeing the beloved “potato girl” since season 1, and her love for food always made her stand out in the whole series. The same girl grew up to become one of the most formidable warriors for Paradis Island as well. She stayed true to herself at every step. Even her last word was “meat.” So, what does her death signify, and did Gabi have any special motives for killing Sasha?

Why Did Gabi Kill Sasha?

Well, while it is true that Gabi kills Sasha, it does not appear as though the young Marleyan had singled out Sasha. Instead, it seems as though Sasha was simply in the line of fire. Ever since Eren unleashes his titan form, he has caused mass destruction and even invariably has ended up indirectly killing Zofia and Udo. Naturally, as he renders the Marleyan titans useless, Gabi has feelings of anger, vengeance, and hatred consuming her.

In more ways than one, little Gabi reminds us of Eren from season 1. The two characters are, emotionally, reflective of each other. Eren, too, feels a similar rage and desire for revenge when the Smiling Titan eats his mother, the Colossal Titan breaks the wall, and the Armoured Titan wreaks havoc on Paradis Island. Eren joins the military to do something about all this. In the same manner, Gabi is one of the few who is being trained to possibly inherit a titan. It is almost ironically cathartic to see similar events fuel Gabi’s character development.

Gabi, having grown up in Marley, believes that the people of Paradis Island are “devils.” This propaganda has been rampant in the country for a long time and has been used to openly prejudice against Eldians as well. So, when Gabi enters the airship, she just shoots her shot. She is not intentionally targeting anyone, but as fate would have it, Sasha is struck by the bullet.

If you have been keeping up with the season, then you would definitely remember the scene a few episodes ago where Gabi was talking to two guards who try to stop her from entering the battlefield, only to be shot down by Sasha themselves. Although Sasha saw the young Marleyan girl and could have chosen to kill her as well, Sasha turned the other cheek. This scene only reaffirms how brutal and bloody the conflicts in ‘Attack on Titan’ are. After all, Sasha is killed at the hands of the very girl that she once let go.

There’s a reason that all’s fair in love and war. Sasha’s death reminds us that past actions can have consequences in the present. Some would say that there is a price for everything, and Sasha’s death is the price that the soldiers of Paradis must pay to bring their vision to fruition. Others may say that it is just collateral damage and that emotions have no place on the battlefield. But there is no denying that although a bullet took Sasha’s life, it is centuries of conflict and anger that are actually responsible for killing Sasha.

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