Is Satan’s Butte a Real Place? Where is it Located?

On Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Paranormal Rangers,’ the viewers are introduced to paranormal investigations on the Navajo Nation reservation spread over Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Two Navajo rangers, Stanley Milford Jr. and Jonathan Dover, share their experiences working on these cases. One of the stories they mentioned on the show was of activity over an area called Satan’s Butte. So, if you’re curious about its existence and where it might be, we’ve got you covered.

Is Satan’s Butte a Real Place?

Yes, Satan’s Butte is a real place on the Navajo Nation reservation. As per the show, Stanley Milford Jr. and Jonathan Dover investigated possible UFO sightings by a resident who lived near Greasewood in Arizona. It was Hoss Lors, who had lived on the reservation for about a decade, and at the time, was living there. The former English teacher resided close to Satan’s Butte, a flat-top mesa; he saw it every day.

On the show, Hoss talked about how his usual routine in the evening involved him going out to feed his horses. However, one night, just as the Sun was going down, he saw an odd-looking light in the sky above Satan’s Butte. Initially, Hoss couldn’t figure out what it was. However, he claimed to see the same thing a couple of nights later, and it was pretty close to where he remembered something hovering before.

As per the show, Hoss remembered it looking like a large ship with red lights, and it appeared to have rows of lights extending out of it. According to Hoss, these lights seemed to be dropping onto the Earth, with the light coming from inside what he thought was a ship. When Hoss saw it the following week, he decided to document it by clicking pictures; upon looking at them, Stanley and Jonathan were convinced that something out of the ordinary was happening.

Where is Satan’s Butte Located?

Satan’s Butte is located in the Arizona part of the Navajo Nation. It is close to Greasewood and stands at an elevation with a small summit and steep slopes. The local relief (the elevation change within the area) is around 300 meters or so. Hoss described it as a barren land with no trees on it. As per the show, the residents of the Navajo Nation weren’t surprised when he mentioned to them what he saw. Hoss was initially a skeptic who didn’t think aliens or UFOs existed, but that changed after what he witnessed.

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